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Jim Greer Arrested

Former Florida Republican Party chief Jim Greer was arrested Wednesday following a lengthy probe into party finances by state law enforcement officials.

Greer's successor as party chairman, John Thrasher, called for the investigation earlier this year following reports that Greer had crafted and approved an undisclosed contract with the party that paid him a portion of major campaign contributions.

We'll have more on this story as it develops...

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  2. Need to get the rotten apples out of the basket !! Good riddance to Charlie Crist too !!

    Thankfully, we still have some "real Republicans" around. Think the last "real Democrat" (Charlie Bennett) was bronzed and set up in Hemming Plaza.

    Hope Greer gets the Bernie Madoff award with with Kurt Waldheim cluster !!

  3. Greed + Leer = Greer