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Bud Chiles Makes Governor’s Race a Three-Way Affair

Lawton "Bud" Chiles, the son of the late governor and senator, announced Thursday he is running for governor of Florida with no party affiliation.

Chiles said as an independent, he'll take no money from political parties, political action committees or "big corporations."

Florida is now the only state in the nation with two very active and credible statewide independent campaigns.  The other, of course, being current Governor Charlie Crist who is running for U.S. Senate as an independent.

Chiles has hinted at a statewide run for almost a year, first as a CFO candidate and then as governor.  He briefly ran for governor in 2006 but withdrew because he did not meet the state's residency requirements to qualify for office.

Until recently, he served as president of the Lawton Chiles Foundation, a children's advocacy group, and has been involved in a number of business deals throughout the state, including the renovation of the Governor's Inn, a Tallahassee hotel.

A run as an independent could spell the most trouble for likely Democratic nominee Alex Sink, because they would likely be competing for many of the same votes in a general election contest.  A divided Democratic electorate could clear the way for a Republican nominee to seize the state's top elected office.

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  1. He just realizes it's toxic to call himself a Democrat. His father was a walkin' taxin' liberal and I see no reason he would be different. It's time to end the political class system. And it is so utterly phony to use corporations as your scapegoat. There are good ones and bad ones. And will he accept union money? The unions are a special interest which care not one whit about the public coffers.

  2. Wouldn't Bid Chiles running for Goveronor of Florida take away votes from Bill McCollum and Rick Scott more than from Alex Sink?

  3. Just what we need in this country; another entitled, scion of a career politician.
    Sounds like an Al Gore clone! Enough already.

  4. I for one will vote for him! his dad was the best we ever had! and i hope he comes from the same school and fixes the crap the """JEB""" clowns did! its time to put the state back to its great self!!!

  5. Seems to me that Chiles (wasn;t he the one who threatened Floridians if they didn't agree to a state income tax that he'd cut emergency services?) will further split the vote between Meek and Crist, further facilitating whomever wins the Republican primary.

  6. Now we have a race! Things are heating up and many will attest that Lawton Chiles, was by far the best and most respected governor Florida has had.

    Now this is worth following. In my opinion, and others I have spoken with, already feel several of these Candidates have now lost because of yesterdays announcement. It's a totally new Ball Game.