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BP’s OILcane: Forget the Fish – What About Destruction of Five U.S. States?

With oil expected to lay waste to their coastlines, what is going to happen to Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas?  It is time to make a prediction on the survivability of these states.

Right now, over one third of the Gulf of Mexico is off limits to fishing. And, there is very little hope that these restrictions will be lifted in the next year. I predict it will take a generation or more before bans will be lifted. Leaching oil globs five thousand feet below the surface will act as slow-release poison killing everything in the waterways. Coastlines will
never be free of contaminants.

As you have seen with Louisiana, over 100 miles of its coastline and protected habitats have been destroyed. This will happen along the coasts of the four other states, too. Tourists will cancel their vacation plans to these areas. Why would families want to visit a seaside resort town with no beach, no fish, an oily stench in the air and oil covering the surface of the water? And, forget about national conventions bringing lifesaving revenue to these areas, no one wishes to visit death and destruction.

Every industry involved with beachfront tourism will be stressed to extinction.

There will be no more boat sales, tackle sales, ice sales, suntan lotion sales, sport fishing trips, pleasure boating or kayaking tours. Suppliers of oceanfront recreational equipment will go bust. All seaside restaurants will close leaving their employees out of work. With no jobs, anyone living in these areas holding a mortgage will file for bankruptcy.

Residents who have moved to these communities and invested their hard-earned money in beachfront real estate or waterfront service industries will begin to retreat. The elderly along the Tampa and St. Petersburg coastlines will be the first to move. Beachfront condominiums and homes will be laid to waste. With empty condominiums, there will be insufficient homeowner’s monthly fees to keep up the buildings. With the ongoing leaching and destruction of the waterways, there will be absolutely no real estate resale value. This will lead to a catastrophic decline in state real estate tax collection.

Since most of Florida is waterfront, it will take the biggest hit. Its worldwide dominance of tourism may be kept afloat by Disney theme parks, but with declining tax revenues from coastal residents, all state services will have to be reduced or eliminated. Expect a Florida State Income Tax to be imposed in 2011.

The test will be whether tourists are visiting the state of Florida for theme parks, its beaches or both. I say that it is for both and that central Florida tourism will teeter on bankruptcy.

Louisiana is suffering already and will be the first to experience the calamities mentioned above. But, with prevailing winds and a hurricane or two pushing oil and dispersant to these other coasts, expect the other states to experience the same.

With BP’s August solution sixty days away (if it works), these states better batten down the hatches, not for a hurricane, but the big one – The OILcane.

Allowing BP to continue with its "silly named" solutions to cap the well, is paramount to complicity. As Albert Einstein wrote, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Remember, no matter what you are told, no amount of money will ever repair this damage. If you live in one of these five states, you are at war.

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  1. I wish people would just STFU about this spill already.

    Every bonehead with too much free time on his hands thinks they know how to fix this problem, if only they were put in charge of things. You seriously think BP isn't doing everything in their power to fix this? Get real, the scandal and potential liability threatens to totally destroy their entire company. They're fighting for their lives. If there's something they could do to safely fix this today, they would be doing it.

    • I believe that BP is attempting everything they know might help close this fountain of oil. It is the experts that believe that we will see oil spewing out of the well as late as December.

      What I do know, is that BP has never ever provided measurements regarding the amount of crude oil escaping from the well. Engineers who are familiar with this type of crisis claim that this flow amount must be known to attempt to stop the gushing geyser.


      This is not about BP now - it is about a tragedy that will disturb life as we know it. The flow of oil must be stopped. PERIOD. RIGHT NOW.

      I blame everyone from our Command in Chief to BP's CEO for not getting this under control. I especially blame those who know or who knew the extent of this disaster and kept quiet. They are the boneheads.

      RIP BP. BP died last week in the stock market. It can never recover from the financial damages, the damage to its brand name and the ongoing cleanup costs. It is sad that tens of thousands of employees and vendors will be hurt. Heck, the taxes this corporation pays to countries is outstanding. With BP's exposure, Great Britain alone may lose $900 million in taxes this year.

      I guess when you earn billions each year it is possible to become complacent and believe that you can buy your way out of anything. There isn't enough money in the world to save BP.

      I am surprised that the United Nations hasn't stepped in and said "HEY USA, IF YOU CAN'T GET THIS DONE - WE WILL DO IT" We are threatening the world.

      • Who are you to blame all of these people? I hate reading all these posts that talk about blaming this person or that person. Do you not drive a car? Do you not leave your lights on when you're not in the room? Before we go around blaming other for this disaster we should realize that in the world of excess in which we live, we really should expect something like this to happen sooner or later, and we really should be looking back at ourselves when we decide to place the blame.

  2. A viable strategy is to partially federalize the BP oil spill incident, use tankers (rather than 1,600 boats) to collect and separate the oil spill, and stop the use of dispersants.

    For a more complete discussion, visit:


  3. It is obvious that Admiral Thad is not buying into the latest BP fix. One station announced tonight that the reason the cap is staying on is that there are large pressure holes allowing 90 percent of the oil to rush out. BP will close these holes a few at a time. The article went on to say that as more holes are closed the cap may be blown off. Admiral Thad probably expects his to happen.

  4. Joe,

    I believe that your article paints the worst case scenario. You are extropolating possibilities that may never happen. I do not believe that we will see the worst case scenario. It is possible that most of the oil could bet caught in a current and end up in the middle of the Atlantic. That is a possibility that I do not see in your article. Nature has a way of healing itself. Once the the oilwell is capped the healing process will begin.

    • As I mentioned the story is my prediction. It is worst case because I fear that this might happen. I pray it does not. I spend nearly every weekend at the ocean. Leaving a uncapped leak in the center of the Gulf spewing millions of gallons of CRUDE (not fuel) is disheartening.

      You are right, nature has a way of healing itself.

      My mother grew up in Pittsburgh, Pa. They lived in a riverfront home on the Monongahela River. From the day she could walk until she was 20 years old she never once saw the river in the back yard. There was too much dark smog from the steel mills. Now 50 years later Pittsburgh is renewed and beautiful. Fifty years is a long time.

  5. Right now, we need as much manual labor as possible. Let's reconsider returning illegal aliens until they help us clean up this mess. Sounds like a win - win situation. "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

    • We have more than enough people available to clean up the oil spill, we don't need to employ illegal aliens as slaves. That's about the dumbest thing I've heard all day.

  6. 1.6 million gallons ... fire Tony now!

  7. If you live on the East coast think about getting ready to move someday in the future.
    If you live on the South coast GTFO while you still can.
    if you live elsewhere, be prepared to deal with refugees from the coastal areas.

    This gusher cannot be stopped, it can only bleed out.
    BP knows they have hit one of the greatest oil reserves of all time!

    so don't expect them to ever stop the gushing black gold ($$)
    just for a few million human lives.
    it is not going to happen.

    Just keep your heads out of the sand, and yourselves out of the rain
    and run while you still can


  8. The latest estimate is that the well will take two or more years to drain out completely. Then this will be over. But so will Florida.