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Fighting Back with a Roundhouse Kick to the Face

It was mid-February 2007. My senior prom was fast approaching and I was scrambling to find a date, and more importantly -- that perfect prom dress.

I went to my older sister (my current roommate) for her advice and wisdom.

Much like Jacksonville, Charlotte has quite an array of high-end stores that one could choose from. However, due to the need for a one-of-a-kind dress, we traveled to a nearby city to find something a bit more unique.

As the day progressed, I found what I considered to be the “perfect" dress. It was sequined, and changed colors, depending on how the light hit it.

My sister was, at best, not too fond of my selection. Her pick was a bland black dress with a white stripe. She insisted we could accessorize to “bling it up,” but I refused.

The end result was a bruise on my arm the size of a tennis ball. My sister, a kickboxing fanatic of six months, had hit me because I did not like the dress she wanted me to wear at my senior prom.

After tears and clutching my arm as if my bones had been smashed into a million pieces, we walked out of the store with the bland black dress with white stripe -- her pick won.

Since that fateful day, I have always wanted to learn how to kickbox, in hopes that I would one day be able to beat her as she did me.

To my knowledge, kickboxing was a more refined form of Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo, which I had seen on infomercials, never actually participating.

So while down here in Jacksonville for the Summer, I decided to enroll in Karate America’s Kickboxing and Fitness class and the Warrior X-Fit program. It sounded intense, and I was ready to try it out.

The class alternates cardio and kickboxing segments, with do-it-yourself portions offered online as a supplement betwee classes. The first day involved jumping rope, working with resistance bands, sit-ups, push-ups and various other cardio exercises, designed to keep your heart rate up and the sweat coming down.

The kickboxing involved uppercut, hook, and jab punches to the punching bag.

In class, we use actual boxing gloves and I began to channel Laila Ali, minus the whole being an actual boxer thing.

Exhaustion began to set in and I was moving slower. As the class began to do more repetitions of the cardio, I would stop to catch my breath during the five second resting intervals.

Following brief rests, the class, consisting of about eight people, moved into kicks. Several class members were able to deliver a kick that reminded me of Chuck Norris’ roundhouse kicks. I was barely able to position my body in the proper form.

I was instructed in proper posture, stance, and position, yet, I still have a long way to go until I completely master the high kicks.

The class soundtrack was an upbeat mix of songs, including tunes by Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson and Ashley Simpson-Wentz, to name a few.

At the end, participants stretch and the class offers high fives and a round of “good jobs” to everyone.

By the time I got home, I had to sit down for a bit. I had worked muscles I didn’t know I had and needed to rest and contemplate if I wanted to go back next week or not. At that moment, I did not.

But slowly, as the week progressed, I did want to go back. I had fun. The instructors were nice and helpful and I loved the encouraging class atmosphere. I am even beginning to enjoy the pain I feel in my arms and legs after each class.

If you are looking for a good workout, I highly recommend Karate America’s Kickboxing and Fitness class. Bring water, you are going to need it, and come prepared to workout.

I am slowly sharpening my kickboxing skills. With hard work, by the end of the summer I will be a fit, fighting machine.

And I dare my sister to mess with me again.

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  1. this is a true story.

  2. prom dresses from JC Penney are great looking and cheap too."--