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Joe Miller: ‘BP, You’re Fired!’


Tuesday, President Obama made a personal promise to those in the Gulf region that “things were going to return to normal.” He did not mention how long it might take or if any of these people would live to see the day. And, he certainly didn’t make any promises to the wildlife.

This reminds me of a story my mother has told for years. She said she grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and that her middle-class family owned a home on the river. In those days, riverfront property value was negligible due to the steel mills which produced both air and water pollution. In the twenty years that she lived there she said, because of the smog, she never saw the river. Today, with the steel mills and smog gone, the property value has returned to normal. This took nearly 40 years.

I never thought that I would live to see the day that ocean front property would be worthless. What happens when the government condemns ocean front condos and homes?

Will the Gulf take another 40 years to clean up, like in Pittsburgh?


It is safe to visit Pensacola Beach, Florida, but you just cannot fish, wade in the water or go swimming. This means it is o.k. to sunbathe or walk on the beach but you should not build sand castles. The oily sand may be irritating to your skin.

After large amounts of tar and oil washed ashore in Pensacola, agents responsible for public safety posted signs which restricted fishing and swimming. In addition, because of the strong odor of oil, an additional notice requested that children, people with weak immune systems or those with respiratory conditions avoid the area altogether. Included in the warnings was an alert that anyone eating fish smell the fish first (for oil smell) before eating it. If it smells like oil they are to throw the fish away.

Is anyone aware that it is June, vacation season? The only thing worse for the region’s economy would be for Roy Scheider(late Jaws actor) to run toward the water firing his gun and yelling, “Great White Shark!”


In the mean time, if scientists are correct, nearly one million gallons of oil per day continue to leak into the Gulf of Mexico.

But finally, the Obama administration is acting out. In its first real move since the “worst environmental disaster in human existence” began over 50 days ago, a demand letter has been issued to BP. In the letter, the Oil Spill Coordinator for Cleanup, Rear Admiral James Watson, gave BP 48 hours to increase its level of oil containment or at least come up with a plan.

We all know that this is impossible. If BP had a better plan they would have used it already.

BP in its own words has stated time and time again that its next best shot to containing more oil would take several weeks. BP called it a new top hat. In the mean time, maybe Admiral Watson would like BP to close more of the vents on the “weak Top Hat” that is currently in place. This type of letter (the demand letter) might pressure them to do so. Admiral Thad Allen has previously stated that he was worried that if additional “Top Hat” vent closures were initiated that the entire device might be blown from its mooring.

So just what do they expect BP to do?

I say, “Nothing.” This letter was initiated so that BP would not meet this obligation and the U.S. Coast Guard or some other government agency can move in and take the lead on this project.

It will be best said in Donald Trump’s famous words, “BP, You’re Fired!”


In a horrifying story, Business Week recently reported that the Gulf Coast may lose $4.3 billion in property value. This is based on a 10 percent loss in shoreline real estate over the next three years. This information was compiled by a company named Costar Group, Inc.

My question is, “Who would ever want this real estate at any price?” That estimate is ridiculous. This property might as well have been hit by a nuclear bomb.


Florida’s second largest landowner, St. Joe Company, owns nearly 600,000 acres of coastal property along the west coast of Florida. In fact, it was in a major development boom when this disaster happened... It provided land and funding to build an airport and made Southwest a sweetheart deal to fly tourists and new home buyers to the region. St. Joe was proud that Southwest’s first flight was May 23, 2010. In early May, St. Joe’s Chairman had assured its stockholders that the oil would not endanger its property value. But, just the fear of oil damage has led to a recent 35 percent drop in St. Joe’s stock.

All I can say is that it is a good thing that Alfred I. Du Pont’s brother-in-law, Ed Ball, is not around to see this day. In 1936, Du Pont gave Ball free reign over St. Joe. Ball was a well known tough businessman and protector of the Du Pont Trust. Ed Ball died in 1981. President Obama might apply pressure to BP but Ed Ball would have crushed them. I’m sorry Mr. Ball isn’t alive to help out.


My latest worry is that in its half-baked attempt to show control, the government will damage BP’s financial engine. This cannot be allowed to happen. BP must remain a viable corporation to fund this cleanup and make everyone and everything right. President Obama must insist that Americans not take their anger out on BP, its stock or its gas station owners. If BP fails, Americans will have to flip all the related bills and our ally Britain will sustain a huge financial blow.

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