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Local Young Republicans Make a Big Splash

The Jacksonville Young Republicans (JYRs) have a lot to be happy about this week, following a successful performance at the Florida Federation of Young Republicans state convention in Central Florida.

The group's annual convention was held from June 11 -12 at the Crowne Plaza Oceanfront Resort and Spa in Melbourne, FL.

The JYRs were named the club of the year, awarded the charitable/community service event of the year, and local club Vice-President Peret Pass was named the woman of the year.

Additionally, Pass was elected as the state's national committeewoman. Clay County's Brian Graham was elected the national committeeman.

Another Jacksonville Young Republican, Robert Foster, was named the organization's Executive Director.

The state convention also held several straw polls, taking the body's temperature on Republican primaries for U.S. Senate, Governor, Attorney General and President. The biggest surprise would probably be that the majority of delegates supported Bill McCollum over Rick Scott.

Additionally, the race for Attorney General was extremely close.

Full results...

U. S. Senate
Marco Rubio - 83
Dr. Marion Thorpe - 5

Bill McCollum - 65
Rick Scott - 26

Peret Pass, newly elected FFYR National Committeewoman and "Woman of the Year"

Attorney General
Pam Bondi - 35
Jeff Kottkamp - 34
Holly Benson - 18

Chief Financial Officer
Jeff Atwater - 85
Pat Patterson - 3

President 2012
Mitt Romney - 42
Bobby Jindal - 8
Haley Barbour - 6
Rudy Giuliani - 6
Mike Huckabee - 5
Tim Pawlenty - 4
Jim DeMint - 4
Sarah Palin - 3
Ron Paul - 3
Mike Pence - 2

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