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Moore Forces Sink to Earn the Democratic Nomination

Brian Moore, the Socialist Party's 2008 candidate for President, has filed to run for Governor of Florida as a Democrat.

Moore has sought statewide office in Florida before, running as a "No Party" candidate for U.S. Senate in 2006.  He's also made several runs for Congress in South Florida, both as an independent and also as a Democrat.

State CFO Alex Sink would have advanced directly to the general election as the Democratic nominee had Moore not filed paperwork this morning. Now she will have a primary on August 24.

Another potential Democratic candidate, Darrin McGillis, decided last night that he would not file his paperwork. His signature issue had been gay marriage, and he had repeatedly blasted Alex Sink for refusing to support it. McGillis said he was not sure who he would vote for now, but was leaning towards backing independent candidate Bud Chiles in November.

When reached for comment this morning by the Jacksonville Observer, Moore told us: "I'm running to give rank-and-file Democratic voters of Florida a say in deciding who the next governor should be. I'm offering them a choice between a citizen-activist and a Wall Street banker, the same folks who plunged this great state into a seemingly never-ending financial crisis. As Florida's Chief Financial Officer, Alex Sink has been more concerned with counting paper clips than solving the state's deepening fiscal crisis."

"Floridians deserve a candidate for governor who's concerned about their pocketbook issues," Moore concluded.

It's not clear how actively the one-time Socialist will campaign for the office, but he's likely to draw a significant protest vote among those Democrats who feel Sink is not liberal enough for their taste.

Alex Sink was elected Florida State CFO in 2006 and is a former president of Florida Operations at Bank of America. Her husband, Bill McBride, was the unsuccessful Democratic nominee for Governor in 2002 against Jeb Bush.

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  1. More bad news for Sink. However, I surmise Moore will prove to be insignificant. Bud Chiles' candidacy poses a greater threat to Sink. Democrats are right to try and run him out of the race. They stand almost certain defeat to McCollum/Scott otherwise.

  2. Wonderful News! About time we threw the two-faced, self-absorbed, running lackeys of Capitalist exploiters out of political office here in Florida, and replaced them with people like Brian Moore, a citizen-activist, community organizer driven by Socialist ideological theory and untainted by previous practical experience!
    Just the person to divide up what's left at the state level! When can we get a Marxist Mayor for Jacksonville?
    Expect many Dems will welcome him into the fold.


  3. Democrat- Socialist, is there really a difference these days?

  4. I will take socialism over the US version of capitalism any day. The US version of capitalize is NOT capitalism.... we in the US live in a Plutocracy.

  5. As most likely the best well known socialist in JAX, I am not surprised by the more snarky remarks. I understand there is a large misunderstanding of the different concepts within socialism and a multitude of mythical stories related to socialism. People tend to forget or speak from ignorance on the topic.

    I will support Moore's campaign because I know him to be what is known as 'civil republica' as an active citizen who cares about 'the people' and not 'the mob' in democratic circles. Moore is untainted by corporate dollars and can vote for the will of the people and not the companies. If the average Jane and John Doe ever needed a shot at the big time this is it.

    I say, "Be more by voting Moore.