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Rubio: Immigration is a Federal Issue, Not State

The issue of illegal immigration is a federal one that should be dealt with by Congress, not a question for the states, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio said Thursday.

In saying that neither Florida - nor any other state – should have to decide whether to enact a new law on how police should deal with illegal immigrants, Rubio, the son of Cuban immigrants, sidestepped taking a direct position on the Arizona law, which allows police to check to make sure people they stop are in the country legally.

Rubio refused to give a yes or no answer about whether he supported the Arizona law, saying immigration policy was not a yes or no issue. But he said if Florida were considering enacting such a law – which some Republican lawmakers have proposed – he would say simply that it should be dealt with at the federal level, not by the states.

“I don’t think it should serve as a model for Florida or any other state,” Rubio said during a question and answer session with reporters and editors at the Florida Press Association and Florida Society of News Editors convention in Sarasota. “The proper place for immigration law is at the federal level, not at the state level.”

Rubio didn’t sidestep the issue of illegal immigration – he reiterated earlier statements that he’s strongly in favor of legal immigration.

Meanwhile, gubernatorial candidate Bill McCollum on Thursday took on criticism from his Republican primary opponent Rick Scott on the same issue. A Scott commercial implies McCollum is weak on immigration because he said the original Arizona law – before it was changed to try to reduce profiling – wouldn’t work in Florida.

McCollum, speaking sepearately at the same event as Rubio, said the ad mischaracterized his position – and said Scott’s criticism doesn’t make sense because police in Florida can already essentially check immigration status by asking for a driver’s license.

McCollum said he was in favor of making it clear that police should check driver’s licenses to make sure people are in the country legally, but said he doesn’t favor simply allowing police to pull over anyone who may look like an immigrant.

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  1. what a RINO wimp!

  2. i could puke

  3. Rubio, both for and against arizona law! forked tongue republican!

  4. Hillary says: “President Obama has spoken out against the law because he thinks that the federal government should be determining immigration policy."

    Did she pass out free Kool-Aid with that line? Newsflash Hillary: The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT should be ENFORCING the immigration policy we have!!!!!

    Clinton’s announcement does not surprise me at all. If the Obamao administration spent as much time ambushing illegals and drug mules in AZ as they have ambushing the state government, we would see real progress. The only reason Americans are getting murdered and thousands of acres in OUR OWN LAND is off limits to our citizens is our Federal Government continues to play politics and takes no real action against illegals. Obamao should be down on the AZ border looking for some a $ $ to kick while Gibbs puts a boot to the throat of this issue (to use their language.)
    Control our borders. Now!

  5. Unfortunately, another Mel Martinez who CANNOT be trusted. But who else is there?

  6. Just another neocon RINO who wants to continue the same ole Bush policies of big government.

    If you want to more rights protected from government, smaller government, balance the budget, and pro-constitution, vote for Bernie DeCastro. Bernie is a threat to big government and thats why he's not a mainstream media darling like Rubio...FoxNews baby.

    If you really want change, then change your vote. If not, then big government will continue as well as the debt.