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Scott, McCollum Agree: Obama Wrong on Immigration

Florida Republican gubernatorial contenders Bill McCollum and Rick Scott have been blasting each other over immigration, but joined together Thursday in criticizing President Obama’s proposed overhaul.

In his first major address on immigration, Obama urged Congress to approve legislation toughening border security and creating a path toward citizenship for the estimated 11 million people illegally in the U.S.

Obama also repeated his opposition to Arizona’s law giving law enforcement officers broad authority to question the immigration status of residents.

Scott has aired television ads endorsing the Arizona law. McCollum, after initially distancing himself from the Arizona law, now supports it – but says it’s not needed in Florida.

Neither contender liked Obama’s approach.

“President Obama just doesn’t get it,” Scott said. “The federal government has failed to do its job and secure our borders.”

Scott added that, “it is clearly time for the states to take matters into their own hands..”

The former health care executive, whose private investments include a company which assists immigrants – some doubtlessly illegal – transfer money to their home countries, also touted an Internet-based eligibility system used by employers in four states, including Arizona.

Requiring Florida employers to participate in the so-called E-verify system would make it harder for illegal immigrants to get jobs, Scott said.

For his part, McCollum dismissed Obama’s approach, saying it “missed the point.”

“Instead of offering solutions to crack down on illegal immigration, President Obama’s plan would allow amnesty for illegal aliens, rewarding those who break the law and penalizing the ones who play by the rules,” McCollum said. “States like Arizona have been forced to step up measures to address illegal immigration, and it’s time for Florida to do more as well.”

Recent polls show a plurality of Florida voters oppose reform efforts that would give undocumented immigrants a chance to gain legal status. A Mason-Dixon Political Research survey in May found 45 percent of Floridians opposed, compared to 39 percent in favor of such steps.

An Arizona-styled law draws stronger support in other polls, helped largely by the backing of Republican voters and registered independents.

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  1. Me and My friends and Family were all for McCollum till he said he is against the AZ immigration LAW ! This is a typical do nothing politician passing blame to the Fed government while refusing to do anything at the state level to enforce are laws ! Its people Like McCollum Charlie Crist and the Democrats that we have an illegal immigration problem in the first place ! We need real Conservative change in the republican party of Florida and that looks like Rick Scott is are man ! He never held public office ! So he has never been influenced by any of the good old boys that run Washington and the political party’s. This is why There are massive attacks against him he is defeating the political establishment in the third most populated state ! Bill McCollum would not even acknowledge immigration before Rick Scott Came around
    Vote Republican
    Unless you want Florida to turn into Democratic Run Nanny state that are all going bankrupt due to failed liberal policy’s that drive business out. Look At California Michigan New Jersey Illinois and the rest of the deep Blue states People are leavening in droves due to Democratic Policy’s that destroy jobs, Create Crime and destroy the middle class. Notice the states with unemployment rates still under 5 % are solid red state that have had republican legislators and governors for 10 + Years.
    Look at the 2010 Census People are flocking the deep Blue state for deep red states
    Texas will be the biggest Gainer in the 2010 census it will gain at least 4 congressional seats plus electoral votes. If republicans are so bad then why does everyone move to republican controlled states ??????
    Florida needs to Follow the same path as Texas not California
    Rick Scott For Governor 2010
    Marco Rubio Rubio For Senator 2010