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Meet the Republicans Trying to Replace Corrine Brown

Mike Yost, one of three Republicans who hopes to challenge Corrine Brown in November

The Orlando Sentinel has conducted editorial board interviews with all three candidates seeking the Republican nomination for U.S. Congress in the 3rd District, the seat currently held by Democrat Corrine Brown.

The heavily African-American district includes portions of Alachua, Clay, Duval, Lake, Marion, Orange, Putnam, Seminole, and Volusia counties.

Some have suggested that it is an unwinnable race. After all, Barack Obama received 73% of the vote in this district in 2008. However, the candidates and their campaigns charge that changing demographics and a national trend that's favorable for Republicans will give them a real shot at scoring an upset victory in November.

Dean Black is an Air Force veteran, farmer and businessman who has owned and operated several AAMCO Transmission franchises. Chris Nwasike is a first-generation American who has worked for Wachovia and organized the Keep God in America rally earlier this year. Mike Yost is a retired auto mechanic who has knocked on over 10,000 doors to gather the petition signatures to qualify for a spot on the ballot.

Only Nwasike actually lives within the boundaries of the oddly drawn 3rd District, though both other candidates claim to have strong "roots" there.

Below are videos from each of the Sentinel's three editorial board interviews. The videos are in alphabetical order starting with Black, then Nwasike and finally Yost.

Republican voters will select one of these candidates to represent them in an August 24 primary.

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  1. They will do Rep. Corrine Brown's interview this Friday (July 9).

  2. Don't live in the 3RD District, however, if I did I would have a "hard time" making a final decision on the three candidates. All are well spoken, a refreshing contrast to the incumbent, did not dodge any questions and seem well informed on the issues. May the "best" man represent us in Washington.

  3. Yost and Nwasike are intelligent, down-to-earth candidates. I would be happy for either of them to win the primary, and hopefully knock Brown out of office. Black is a blowhard that has "insider politician" written all over him. Anybody who has heard Black speak and still wants to support him has very poor judgement.

  4. Nwasike is the ONLY one of these three that actually lives in the district he is seeking to represent.

  5. In watching all three videos, only ONE understands fully the Constitution as it was WRITTEN- Mike Yost. His answers were concise, to the point, and showed a genuine understanding of what is in the document. Furthermore, I have seen all 3 at 2 different debates/forums and without a question, Yost is the one who understands the issues, is the ONLY one who brings genuine solutions, and the ONLY one who doesn't sidestep ANY question. His answers are ALWAYS the same no matter when you ask it.

    Unless you want another "RINO" in office- both Nwasike and Black support the TARP bailouts- then I offer you support Mike Yost. Black talks out both sides of his mouth on "bailouts" and Nwasike has way too little experience in the real world to understand opportunity and the creation of wealth in this nation. I find but ONE candidate in this Primary to support and that is Mike Yost.

  6. I believe the only candidate to replace Corrine Brown is Mike Yost. He's knowledgeable on the issues and tells it like it is. No nonsense. I am not looking for a politician and Mike does not come across like one. He has answers for the issues and he knows the Constitution. That's what this country needs right now more than those who are only looking for what's in for them. Mike wants what's best for the country and the people. http://www.yostforcongress.com

  7. I've meet Mike Yost in person and have walked the streets with him to help get on the ballot. I would not have put in those hours of helping him get on the ballot had I not trusted him, and believed that we need there is a much needed change in Washington. Corrine Brown is a shame and disgrace to the 3rd district she only has her own self interest at heart. If anybody doubts that fact go to "Youtube" and watch her "Go Gator" routine, and tell me after you get up off the floor laughing that she is a good candidate. Or you may watch the Chanel 4 news clips that show her getting favoritism in the form of "Sand Bags" during the Hurricane ahead of all her constituents. She has the same mentality in congress at "Hank Johnson" (another Democrat) from Georgia. (you can look him up on "YouTube" as well. He thinks Islands float!

  8. I have to say that I personally like Chris but in this race Mike has my vote hands down. Chris does not suppot the Fair Tax and saw Tarp as necessary. Mike is very up on all the issues and has a basis of thought rooted in the Constitution. The Tea party will support any one of the three candidates that wins the primary because a dead dog would be better representation than Corrine Brown.That is not a slam on any of the three fine candidates but a truth about the horrible way Corrine treats her constituents. She spends lots of our money to buy favor with big name groups and they funnel money into her campaign to buy votes. When her neighborhood was flooding she didn't call for sandbags for her neighborhood she called only for herself. That is her attitude toward everyone and why she has to go, black, white Republican Democrat or indifferent, she has to go.

  9. I have met the three of them. Chris is a likeable, charismatic, and dynamic. He is warm and seems to be real. I think that Chris will continue his record of public service, and eventually make a great statesman! I just do not feel he is as qualified to hold the office as Mike is.

    My grandmother taught me if you don’t have anything good to say about someone, then don’t say anything. Dean seems to be a good father, husband, and businessman. While those are great qualities, they are but a brick in the foundation of what we need as a leader. Enough said!

    Mike is the person in my book that can beat Corinne, and help us take our country back. His knowledge of the Constitution is amazing! When he quotes it, you can tell he has a deep knowledge and conviction for the document, and its meaning! He wants to use it to govern, and through it take our country back to a smaller federal government, returning the power to the local level.

    Since finding Mike, I have spent a lot of time with him. He is sincere, and driven to serve. But his idea of service is different than that of most politicians I have known. He wants to go to DC, and reduce the power of the federal government, and reign it back in to what the founding fathers wanted. He actually wants to reduce the POWER of the office that he is running for. That is the mark of a Statesman, and not a politician.

    I suggest to everyone that they consider Mike. I have made it a point to meet and talk with all three. Mike is the most qualified to do the job that must be done in Washington to save our country!

  10. DEAN BLACK says "The first TARP Plan, I support that. It was an emergency measure and i think they had the Constitutional authority to do it"

    That is all I need to hear from Mr. Black to know that he belongs nowhere near the US Congress. By the way his is the same position held by Corrine Brown.

  11. John,

    I also heard Dean state that he would not vote to get the United States out of the United Nations. I heard this with my own ears, at a debate in Orange Park a few weeks ago. His answer to the question of supporting legistlation to get us out of the U.N. was "NO!" The question was formated for a yes or no response, and he did not elaborate on his answer.

    Like you with the answer to the "tarp" funding, I had heard enough! I feel the same way that you do about Mr. Black!

    For the record, at that same debate, when asked the same question, both Chris and Mike stated that they WOULD support legislation to get us OUT of the United Nations in their public answers to the same question.

  12. Mike Yost, hands down! Chris is very likeable. Mike is very knowledgeable, especially on the Constitution. We need someone that understands the Constitution, as I feel many politicians and americans have forgotten what it is all about. As far as living in the 3rd District is concerned, who cares? Let's look at the bigger picture and do what's best for the United States as a whole. I feel that Mike will listen to what the voters/people want and work for the people, not for himself. I don't feel the same way about Dean Black. When he speaks, and I have seen him in person, I get the impression that he is auditioning for a part in a play and not very believable for the part. I think "power" is what he is striving for and we have too much of that mentality in Washington now! Let's do what's best for AMERICA, the 3rd District and all other Districts......vote for Mike Yost!