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The Most Improbable Music Video in the History of Mankind

"Hey, wanna come out and stand in the crowd for a new music video we're making? It's an original song and video on a local topic."

If someone said this to me, the last thing that would come to mind would be State Representative Mike Weinstein.

If they then added that the video would feature throngs of cheering teenage girls, acrobatic dancing and back-flips. Well, I could have offered 10,000 guesses about what the subject was, and I still wouldn't have thought of State Representative Mike Weinstein.

And it turns out I would have been wrong.

First brought to mass attention by a post on a St. Petersburg blog and then locally on the Florida Times-Union's website, a new Mike Weinstein video and campaign song is drawing some harsh reaction.

The video includes a tag that it was produced by AKYA Productions, which does appear on recent Weinstein campaign finance documents. There are two payments to the firm, one for $3,500 last July with the purpose listed as "media production" and another for $2,500 in January of this year. The purpose on the January expense is listed as "video production" -- which may refer to the new campaign jingle and music video. No data is yet available for campaign expenditures after March 31, as that information won't be reported until later this month.

Was it worth the money? Judge for yourself...

One commenter on the original blog post stated: "If I were to base my opinion of this guy’s judgment by his approving this ad I wouldn’t elect him to a to a position in Farmville!"


Then again, Representative Weinstein is probably not sweating it too much since he's unopposed for re-election this year.

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  1. what a fool... all politicians are clowns these days, where are the statesment?

  2. Chicks are kinda hot. Sad to know they're getting paid for their work.

  3. Why are you picking on a good and decent man? He's just trying to reach out to the masses of people who don't like politics and won't respond to normal campaign talk. It's a shame you can't find someone else to mock than a man who has dedicated his like to public service like Mike Weinstein.

  4. Out of the box stuff always invokes either harsh criticism or the thought "crazy but fun". It is very atypical of Mike, yet, Mike is atypical? How's that for irony? I thought it was fun, the beat was catchy, the message was there and it was out of the box. It will not win an academy award but you'll remember it - for better or worse!
    And Yes, I like Mike, even if he stole my slogan!!
    To Annnus - I think you meant statesmen.

  5. I voted for the guy, but what's the point of this silly ad if he's unopposed?

  6. not too bad. I think he is trying to reach everyone. music was pleasant not blaring with words having to be bleeped out and no one said too much when Obama did it. it's also better than an ad bashing his opponent.

  7. Obamamania is out and Weinsteinmania is in! Why shovel taxpayers money out the door to poor welfare whiners when you can shovel it out to rich businessmen? Mike Weinstein "The Newest Kool/Fool" on the block! Yeah....right. Think the Tea Party people have it wrong, it isn't tea we oughta throw in the harbor.....

  8. The ad didn't do anything positive for me. I like the professional approach. I'll have to ask my kids what they think.

  9. Lets see, running unopposed, sounds like a great time to experiment. I don't follow the minutia of Jax politics as closely as I should so I suspect like a lot of voters more often than not I'm faced with ballots full of unfamilliar names. Who was it said "Don't care what the newspaper said as long as long as they spelled my name right?" Whatever his principles or policies, this guy just bought a whole boat load of name rcognition. The ad probably would have killed him in a primary against your father's repubican candidate but when he faces a Demorcat ...
    P.S. Working without a spell check safety net can be a significant challenge for some of us keyboard challenged individuals. I appolgise if my spelling appears atrocious to a certain member of the unwashed masses, who I won't embarrass by name , so quick to critique others' prose. Some day you too will find yourself in our worn shoes spending more time searching for the detrius of recalcatrant fingers than composing content. Since you are so sharp a pencil why don't you put you name on a ballot where I can vote against your dumb *ss R. McMillian LT USN Ret.

  10. I have no problems at all with the video. Mike loves people and children and the video shows that. It's clean, peppy, entergetic, and I could actually understand the words!! What's the big deal? Mike Weinstein should have been our mayor instead of Payton. We wouldn't be closing the libraries, etc if Mike had been at the helm.

    That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it!

  11. Typical negative article from a biased press. The ad is a fresh, new idea, works for me and I am 60 years of age. Go Mike and bring the young people in because us oldies are way cool too. Politics rocks!

  12. I'm surprised people are treating this like a scandal. His son produces music and video and he hired him to do one for his campaign that will make people remember his name and district. It seems like money well spent to me.

  13. It is fun,wholesome and positive.

    Glad it worked so well for him.


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