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Mayoral Fundraising: Clear Winners and Losers

With the recent release of quarterly campaign finance reports for municipal candidates, we've now gotten a good look at how the race for Jacksonville mayor is shaping up.

This was the first peek behind the curtain for new entrants Rick Mullaney, Jim Bailey, Glorious Johnson and Alvin Brown.  All four jumped into the race earlier in the quarter and began their fundraising in earnest during the month of April.

Combined, the top seven candidates raised over $722,000.  That amount includes personal loans of $50,000 -- $25,000 each for Jim Bailey and Kevin Hyde.

And some clear winners and losers have emerged...

WINNER: Democrat Alvin Brown, likely the major candidate with the lowest overall profile, picked up an impressive $65,000 total. Part of that came from a fundraiser attended by Robert Johnson, the founder and former CEO of Black Entertainment Television.

Among those giving to Brown's campaign are Pajcic & Pajcic, Betty and King  Holzendorf, ambassador and UNF professor Nancy Soderberg, School Board member Martha Barrett and Advanced Disposal Services.

If Brown's fundraising has legs, his chances of earning himself a spot in the run-off go way up.

STRONG SHOWING: Rick Mullaney's $345,000 haul made major headlines and revived interest in his campaign. He's still got high negatives and lower name recognition than most of the field, so he'll need that money to get his message out.

The big test for Mullaney will be the third quarter.  If he can repeat this kind of showing, that would certainly make a statement about his viability.  However, a relatively weak showing next quarter could make him just another member of the pack.

BIG SPENDER: Newspaper publisher Jim Bailey has our favorite website and creative material of the current crop of candidates, but he's also spent heavily to get it. And his campaign has spent quite a bit on hiring top shelf consultants, including Erin Isaac and Teresa Eichner.

Raising $105,000 and loaning his campaign an additional $25,000, Bailey has spent a little over $73,000 to date.  The thought is that Bailey has the means to loan himself additional funds, which could make him a potent competitor.

SLOW AND STEADY: Republicans Mike Hogan and Audrey Moran continued to accumulate donors at about the same pace they set in the first quarter. The Moran campaign picked up another $68,000 while Hogan added $73,000 to his total. That leaves Moran with about a quarter-million in cash-on-hand, while Hogan is just a bit behind that.

ON LIFE SUPPORT: City Councilman Kevin Hyde raised an additional $5,000 for his campaign and loaned himself another $25,000. The campaign insists that everything is fine, but it's growing increasingly difficult to see how Hyde will accumulate the funds to be a major factor in this race. Including the personal loan, his campaign still has about $70,000 in available cash.

LOSER: Thought to be the leading Democrat, Councilwoman Glorious Johnson raised only $10,211 in her first quarter and spent nearly all of that.  As of July 1, Johnson had only about $1,600 in the bank.

Johnson's extremely slow start may spell trouble for the Republican-turned-Democrat as she tries to establish herself as the top choice for members of her party. Conventional wisdom is that a Democrat could earn a spot in the run-off, but only if Democratic voters rally behind a single candidate.  Her poor showing out the gate may begin to raise doubts about her long-term viability as a candidate.

THE EIGHTH DWARF: Republican candidate Robert Hutcherson continues to exist just outside of the conversation about this race.  This quarter he banked a little over $6,000 -- of which $5,000 was a personal loan to his campaign.  That leaves him with cash-on-hand of about $7,200.

ALL THE REST: While Florida has caught No Party fever at the statewide level, there are still no serious candidates in the mayoral race who aren't either a Republican or a Democrat. One NPA candidate is Beth Dickie, a realtor who contributed $20 to open her campaign account. Andy Bryan is running as a write-in candidate and opened his account with $250.

A pair of little-known Democrats continued their bids -- Warren Lee raised $240 and Brenda White picked up $505.  Truck driver and Republican candidate David Crosby raised no money.

To review the campaign finance statements of all municipal candidates for the 2011 election, click here visit the Duval Supervisor of Elections website.

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  1. I think I'm voting for Dave Crosby!! Who's with me? 😀

  2. Any relation to Corrine Brown? If so, I don't want him!

  3. LOL Austin! These responses are too funny! Why not put the link or the way to get to the website to see the reports ourselves? That would be a great service for your readers, at least that is what i think.....