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Perniciaro Banks Over $300k for Thrasher Challenge

The Charles Perniciaro for State Senate campaign has called a press conference for Wednesday to, among other things, announce their candidate's fundraising totals for the first reporting period.

Perniciaro, a beaches dermatologist, is spending a significant amount of his own money on the race, and sources familiar with his campaign are telling us that the challenger will announce that he's banked over $300,000 since entering the race in May. Of course, that total includes a very large loan from the candidate himself, so it's not clear how much outside money they've been able to tap into. Further, it's believed that the campaign still has in excess of $150,000 of that cash still on hand.

Perniciaro is challenging State Senator John Thrasher, who is also acting as the Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida.

While Perniciaro initially seemed like an incredible long-shot, the candidate's willingness to dig deep into his own pocket will make this race significantly more interesting to watch.  At the statewide level, voters are responding very favorably to candidates like Rick Scott and Jeff Greene, two political novices who are drawing almost entirely on personal resources to wage aggressive campaigns.

As of the end of March, the Thrasher campaign had raised $66,295 and spent $25,491. Expect that number to jump dramatically when official reports are filed on Friday.  That's also  when we'll get our first peek at fundraising figures for former television anchorwoman Deborah Gianoulis, who has entered the race as the lone Democrat.

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  1. I applaud Charles for attempting to take down a powerful player in state politics. While I have nothing against either man, I feel that competition is healthy and no one deserves a free ride to the state house. Make em both work for our votes!

  2. Voters are also responding very favorably to the Perniciaro volunteers as they visit neighborhoods and make phone calls. Today's Perniciaro press conference also included the announcement that Dr. Perniciaro will not be accepting campaign contributions from special interest groups or lobbyists. Voters of Senate District 8 have the opportunity to vote for a senator who will only be representing them! I want the voice that speaks for me in Tallahassee to be able to speak with integrity. Dr. Perniciaro's integrity will be recognized and respected in all of Florida.

  3. While he may be inexperienced in the political games like Mr. Thrasher, Dr. Perniciaro has years of experience in leadership roles: He is Mayo trained in two specialties, is a cancer specialist, and his research is cited in every major dermatology textbook, and presented at numerous international seminars.

    He has great insight into health care issues and understands that the new Obama national healthcare mandates are too costly and unaffordable. Not only that, he is an honest man of great integrity, as his commitment to not accept campagin contributions from lobbyists clearly shows.
    How refreshing to have a candidate of his caliber running.

    It takes a great deal of courage and respect for the people this district, for Perniciaro to run against such a powerful politician. The people of this district should be thrilled to have such a great candidate standing up for them. Thrasher certainly hasn't done that over the last year. Just his arrogant continuance to this day in STILL pushing Senate Bill 6 for next year shows that he has no respect for the opinions of his constituents.

    I hope the voters of District 8 get it right- and send Thrasher packing.