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Republicans Raise Money for Northwest Jacksonville Charter School

The Duval County Republican Party and the Jacksonville Young Republicans co-hosted a fundraiser at Bistro Aix in San Marco on Wednesday evening.

The event raised more than $5,000 for Tiger Academy, a newly opened YMCA charter school located in a Northwest Jacksonville neighborhood known for its tragic history of crime and violence.

"Politics can be a full contact sport at times, as it should be, because political parties are about ideas and those different ideas produce different results," said Lenny Curry, Chairman of the Duval County GOP.   "One thing we can all agree on is that every child should have equal access to a quality education. That is what this event is about."

Peret Pass a co-founder of the Jacksonville Young Republicans lead the successful fundraising effort.

The charter school, which first opened in Fall of 2009, offers rigorous academic standards, character development, personal and social responsibility and strong family involvement, while providing each child with a structured and nurturing learning environment. Their programs are geared toward a "learner-centered culture" with an extended 7.5-hour school day and a 200-day school year. Additional before and after-school care is also available.

In the classroom, emphasis is placed on reading achievement, student growth and behavior management, with strong parental involvement.  In fact, parents who want to enroll their children at Tiger Academy have to sign a contract saying that they will make an investment in their child's education by volunteering at the school.

Numerous "enrichment opportunities" are also available to students and their families through the school’s unique partnership with the Johnson Family YMCA and other local agencies.

The school currently serves Pre-K, Kindergarten and first through third grades. A grade will be added each subsequent year to accommodate the oldest age group, through fifth grade.

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