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Democrat Ferre Endorses Amendment 4 During Stop in Nassau County

Former Mimai mayor Maurice Ferre, running for the U.S. Senate as a Democrat, made several campaign stops in North Florida over the weekend. Speaking at a rally Sunday afternoon on Amelia Island, Ferre announced that he was coming out in favor of Amendment 4, known by supporters as The Florida Hometown Democracy Amendment.

Ferre addressed crowds in both Tallahassee and Amelia Island, laying out his support for the ballot measure.

"Unfortunately, money has corrupted our democracy, at all levels," said the former mayor. "At zoning councils, city and county commissions, regional and state levels, the humongous, overbearing, over-threatening, abuse of money is ever present. We the people don't always play on a level playing field and thus get the short end.

The majority of the state's newspapers, the AFL-CIO, the Florida Chamber and most of the state's elected officials are opposing the controversial amendment, which would require voters to participate in a ballot referenda for every change to a county's comprehensive land use plan.

A May 3-5 poll conducted by the Mason-Dixon Polling & Research firm revealed that of the 625 polled registered voters in Florida 61% supported the proposed amendment. It will need 60% in order to pass successfully.

Ferre is perhaps the highest profile public figure to come out in support of Amendment 4 to date.

"As a City of Miami Commissioner, Mayor for twelve years and later, a Metro-Dade County Commissioner, I saw the pattern repeat itself time and time again," said Ferre. "There must be a process that gives the special circumstance relief, but it is time to tighten the noose on rampant, unrestricted development in Florida."

Ferre has raised only about $200,000 for his U.S. Senate campaign to date, and he trails Kendrick Meek and Jeff Greene by a significant margin.

Former Miami Mayor and U.S. Senate candidate Maurice Ferre (blue shirt) speaks to supporters.

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  1. GO MAURICE! We need honest people in Washington and people who understand why Amendment 4 is so important in Florida.