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Audio Recording Supports Accusations That Nwasike Misused Funds

Chris Nwasike, candidate for Congress

Yesterday, the Jacksonville Observer was first to report on accusations of financial wrong-doing by Congressional candidate Chris Nwasike, one of three Republicans competing for the right to face Congresswoman Corrine Brown in the November election.

The bulk of the controversy comes from charges leveled by two of Nwasike's former partners in a non-profit venture called Keep God in America, Jerod Powers and Raymond Johnson. They allege that Nwasike had directed funds from the non-profit, through his campaign treasurer, and into his own federal campaign account.

For a full explanation of the story, click here.

When reached for comment on the charges, Nwasike’s campaign consultant, Bert Ralston, stated that the checks are not related and that no wrongdoing had occurred.

“This is nothing but a political smear job by people that are supporting one of Chris Nwasike’s opponents in the primary,” said Ralston.

For his part, Powers claims he is working on his own and has no association with any of the other candidates in the race, though he was seen delivering sandbags provided by the Dean Black campaign to Corrine Brown's office in Washington a few weeks ago.

Jerod Powers

Black is also running as a Republican in the Third Congressional District race.

Powers insists that his primary goal is to see that Brown is defeated in her re-election bid, not to advance the fortunes of any other candidate.

Today Powers released the following audio clip of a conversation between himself and Keep God in America's treasurer, Jay Fields. During the first two months of Nwasike's campaign, Fields was acting as treasurer of both entities and on April 28, he issued a $2,000 check to his wife, Jorgine Fields. That same day, Jay Fields donated $2,000 to Nwasike for Congress.

During the conversation, Powers repeatedly asks Fields why he issued the $2,000 check to his wife, Jorgine.

FIELDS: "That was for Jorgine. You need to talk to Chris."
POWERS: "You're the treasurer."
FIELDS: "That is correct. Chris authorized it."
POWERS: "Chris authorized the check for $2,000?
FIELDS: "He told me to do it."

In addition to the $2,000 check, several hundred dollars from the Keep God in America account were also used to pay business expenses for Jay Fields, who is a handyman. The charges were made to Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, Sherwin Williams, Wal-Mart and other retail outlets.

Keep God in America funds were used for this purpose because Fields was experiencing financial hardship and Nwasike authorized him to dip into the account to cover his personal bills. Though it is not immediately clear how much of that money has been repaid to Keep God in America, the fact that Fields was in such dire financial straits calls the legitimacy of his $2,000 campaign contribution into serious question.

Towards the end of the conversation, Fields tells Powers that he and his wife have been out of work for months while volunteering for the Keep God in America rally. He goes on to say that they are now working eight to ten hour days in the hot sun just to make ends meet and get caught up on their basic bills.

The full video with audio has been posted on YouTube and we have learned that Powers plans to file a formal complaint with the Federal Election Commission on Friday.

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  1. Ummmm....this is pretty bad. It's pretty clear Chris is a crook.

    • What NONE of you know is that Chris paid off thousands of dollars in KGIA debt after the rally was over from his OWN POCKET, because NOBODY, including Jerod or Raymond, would step up to the plate. They were too busy to help do much of anything before, during or after the rally, unless they were promoting themselves. The Fields spent their own time and money over a period of many months to make the rally happen and never -- once -- promoted themselves. I'm sure they have the receipts to prove that the $2,000 was to cover reimbursements for their expenses.

      Today is a sad day for all Christians who are now tarnished by the vindictive nature of two men who are so insecure that they had to go to such lengths to make themselves look good -- or so they think. They've only made themselves look like idiots.

      • I am sure the Fields and Chris will have every opportunity to clarify the situation to the States Attorney and The Grand Jury.

  2. What a shame that Chris Nwasike used these folks in this way. It is really very sad. Chris is a narcissistic sociopath and needs step up and take responsibility for the path of distruction he is causing in this city. I won't hold my breath until it happens.

  3. Dear Duval Voters-

    There is nothing to see here. Nothing was done to defraud anyone. It is simply a misunderstanding and an accounting error.


    Charlie Rangel and Bernie Madoff

  4. WOW! The video shows it all. The proof is in black and white. It is clear that Mr. Nwasike’s actions were intentional. Mr. Nwasike should do the right thing and step down. It is a shame how he has used so many people especially Mr. Raymond Johnson and his ministry. Mr. Nwasike underestimated the intelligence of Mr. Raymond Johnson in his assumption that he would not check on his account nor ask any questions.

    Raymond Johnson is a dedicated, loyal and honest person who deserves the respect of this community.

    • Hmmm...I'm going to take a wild guess and say that you're Raymond Johnson? Or his mother? lol

      • Raymond "I can't support Marco Rubio because he is Catholic and Catholics are not Christians" Johnson is really brilliant and Jacksonville is blessed to have him here - NOT.

        Hey, I heard that there is a dog catcher race going on and they raised 10 dollars - maybe you can run over and try to get money from them for your so-called ministry.

    • To say honest, I question that. It is illegal in the state of Florida to record a conversation without someones permission. I'm sure he will proved proof that he obtained the permission of Jorge Fields to record the conversation.

  5. FELONY - Fla. Stat. ch. 934.03: All parties must consent to the recording or the disclosure of the contents of any wire, oral or electronic communication in Florida. Recording or disclosing without the consent of all parties is a felony.

    • From same Florida statutes:

      (4) To safeguard the privacy of innocent persons, the interception of wire or oral communications when none of the parties to the communication has consented to the interception should be allowed only when authorized by a court of competent jurisdiction and should remain under the control and supervision of the authorizing court. Interception of wire and oral communications should further be limited to certain major types of offenses and specific categories of crime with assurance that the interception is justified and that the information obtained thereby will not be misused.

      In this case, one of the parties granted consent.

    • From Federal Law:

      Federal law permits recording telephone calls and in-person conversations with the consent of at least one of the parties. See 18 U.S.C. 2511(2)(d). This is called a "one-party consent" law. Under a one-party consent law, you can record a phone call or conversation so long as you are a party to the conversation. Furthermore, if you are not a party to the conversation, a "one-party consent" law will allow you to record the conversation or phone call so long as your source consents and has full knowledge that the communication will be recorded.

      In addition to federal law, thirty-eight states and the District of Columbia have adopted "one-party consent" laws and permit individuals to record phone calls and conversations to which they are a party or when one party to the communication consents. See the State Law: Recording section of this legal guide for information on state wiretapping laws.

  6. How is this story any different that what was posted yesterday? Nwasike has never denied that he authorized the check, in fact he has spoken about it openly when asked. This just looks like piling on by Powers who apparantly broke the law in making this recording.

    He may be successful in taking Nwasike down, but you can bet that his reputation will be just as tarnished.

  7. Mike Yost can be trusted and is not a career politician. yostforcongress.com.

    • Yost doesn't have the "big smile" and "radio voice" like Black but yes I think he can be trusted. It's a shame Dean Black had to get these guys to do his dirty work though.

  8. FL Statute 934.03 (2)c. - Intentionally uses, or endeavors to use, the contents of any wire, oral, or electronic communication, knowing or having reason to know that the information was obtained through the interception of a wire, oral, or electronic communication in violation of this subsection;shall be guilty of a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

    For a felony of the third degree, by a term of imprisonment not exceeding 5 years

  9. While there may be issue over whether or not this recording is a felony, it does prove one thing: that SOMEONE was using KGA funds as a personal slush fund, and should face whatever law is appropriate.

    Like all who've met Chris, I've considered him to be congenial and intelligent. I would expect him to have already had a press release explaining what did or did not happen in this situation. His silence is disappointing. I would call for a detailed explanation, or his resignation from the current campaign to run against Corrine Brown.

    Chris, fix this or move out of the way. The last thing our city, our country needs is another 2 years of representation by Corrine Brown in Washinton. Surely you agree that replacing her is the priority.

  10. With this recording, it is without question there was a lot of collusion going on with Fields, Nwasike, and others in the KGIA organization. Also it appears that Nwasike broke every single FEC regulation regarding the "use of ones own funds" aspect of the law. It IS illegal to transfer funds to someone for them to use as a campaign contribution. The FEC frowns heavily on that aspect of the law as it is often just another way to get around the campaign finance limits by one person who funnels money to another with the express intent of making a donation. Obviously he was short funds needed to pay his filing fee.

    As far as violation of the "recording" laws, it primarily applies to what one would call "wiretapping" and using subterfuge in recording someone. No one knows if the recording device was visible or if both parties consented to the recording. It was not recorded as to the conversation prior to what this tape/recording shows at this point. I suspect it was visible and all parties knew. The law does NOT require a written permission, so it easily could be one word against the other and neither wins.

    The facts in this are evident. Mr. Nwasike had knowledge of what happened and from Fields account, authorized the dispersing of funds. The next day, Fields wife donated $2000 to Nwasike's campaign. It is also a statement of Fields that they were in dire straights and had financial issues. Common sense says you use money to pay your bills, NOT donate to candidates for elected office.

    This is the type of actions the elected officials and those seeking office MUST refrain from. To do otherwise is nothing more than the same game of "politics as usual" that people are disgusted over. Yet, it is NEVER about taking personal responsibility if you listen to what these "politician" say. It is someone else who is at fault and they had no idea this was happening.

    Now we have 2 of the 3 candidates with issues- Black with taking corporate donations and that is against FEC rules as well as a late filing and Nwasike doing this. It has all appearances that "playing by the rules" isn't part of these two men's vocabulary. Being accountable to those you seek to represent is part of what people are angry about today. Neither is worthy of being called that.

  11. Do we know how much money this couple borrowed? Was it $300, $3,000, $30,000...?

    Do we know if the loan was repaid?

    Do we know if Mrs. Feilds had any reciepts or provided an invoice showing the services she claimed were rendered to justify the payment from this event?

    Do we know who authorized the bank to honor checks written on Johnson's business account written and signed by Feilds?

    These all seem to be important questions that have not been answered by the articles or any of the posters.

  12. Chris is amiable and ingratiating but it is a facade
    He did not pay his Rotary dues for about a year.

  13. People, a few points to be weary of.

    first, why would someone record a conversation that is in regards to an innocent inquiry. If it was a superficial inquiry why the recording; this in itself calls to question the motives of the person doing the recording; combine this fact with the recent delivery from the same gentleman on behalf of candidate Black (motive is questionable). Any of us can be quoted on a recording to imply anything. Great example the Shirley Sherrod incident a few weeks ago. If you have not seen/heard by now google it.

    This pety attack on Chris serves to errode his support base, preying on fears of the same hogwash that exist in DC now, and leveling the inquiry being made into the Dean Black campaign; classic politics, if one is in trouble try to shift the conversation to someone else and who better than the candidate that is unknown. Simple reasoning will bring to light the schemes behind this "scandal".

    Second, the columnist cites, purchases at stores that generally sell commodities used for construction. If anyone has ever gone to a rally, there is props, stage platforms and other setups that require use of these items. Handyman, being given money for services is not ground breaking, it is expected. The fact that work was actually done and value exchanged into hands is not a scandal. Scandalous is Rep. Grayson from the Ocala area spending $73K of TAXPAYER money on a video highlighting his accomplishments, that is an issue; $2K being paid to an individual whom has been working at a non-profit and then subsequently reinvesting into another need; is a very common trait between believers. If anyone would have know the needs of each other would be these individuals. There are those who heed the call to the greater of one's needs. Questioning an action is always easy especially if the reason is a feable attempt to make someone appear illegitimate.

    This allegation is agenda driven, I implore you to take the time to get to know Chris personally. Our country is at a make or break point, individuals like him is what we need to rise as leaders. Not finger pointing. If he was truly attempting to mismanage funds, why would he do it for a meager $2K? really consider what real benefit did he gain from this. If he had a new car, mink coats.. the same self indulgence that is so prevelant in Washington then sound the siren, but this inane.

    Be logical and you will see the facts.

    Leaders are not always loved; Chris need not be loved, the main concern should be his reliance on God, which is unquestionable, and the ability to lead which he has demonstrated time and time again. To accomplish the feats he has without the traditional resources is remarkable. The fact that he is unknown treading in the big boys pond should be supported; and his constituients should not subject him to the pety antics the politicians in this country always resort to.

    Corrine Brown is weary of the anti incumbent energy surging in the country and Chris is the only legitmate threat to her appetite from control. Do not be swayed by these pety antics.

    God Bless America, God Bless Chris

    • Roland M,
      $2k paid to an individual as a personal loan not for purposes of the nonprofit is illegal, period. End of story. If someone is getting paid, let them fill out a W9.

      No, it's not a huge amount, but it is what it is, and should be out of the question for someone running for public office. This is tax evasion, embezzlement, money laundering...God only knows what. Definitely something for a bunch of three-letter agencies to work out.

      • John C.--By your own hand you have proven to all that you know little if anything about what you choose to write about.

        Do your homework and then come back.

    • >first, why would someone record a conversation that is in regards to an innocent inquiry.

      To validate the conversations' accuracy.

      >Second, the columnist cites, purchases at stores that generally sell commodities used for construction. If anyone has ever gone to a rally, there is props, stage platforms and other setups that require use of these items. Handyman, being given money for services is not ground breaking, it is expected.

      This is a good point except for the fact that it wasn't the answer the NWasike campaign gave. Instead, they gave back the money. I follow the current GOP events in NE Fl. and I can't remember any event that would require that much building material. Mr. Nwasike rents a furnished office, so what was there to build? Why didn't the campaign explain that fact from the beigining. As disappointed as I am to so this, It sounds to me like a lot of ideas are being tested here as way of explanation.

      >this fact with the recent delivery from the same gentleman on behalf of candidate Black (motive is questionable).

      I didn't see the Black campaign involved in this. Can you substantiate that allegation? As for motives, I don't care, I want to know what is the truth. This CANNOT be a dark cloud over the GOP candidtae in the general election. The candidate that finally faces Brown must be free and clear of any honesty questions to point a finger at Corrine and expose her failures to represent and help her constituents.

      >Corrine Brown is weary of the anti incumbent energy surging in the country and Chris is the only legitmate threat to her appetite from control.

      She is, Chris isn't. Chris's race isn't a winning factor in this race: Jennifer Carrol proved that point in the past. I'm of the opinion that Browns constituents are just as fed up with lazy incumbents as everyone else in America. I'm convinced that a good campaign by an honest Republican has the opportunity to win the district and do a lot of good that Corrine was too lazy to do in all her years of "representing" it. Most Americans, including the 3rd District are ready to insure freedom, and show the two Parties that "status quo" is no longer acceptable.

      >Leaders are not always loved; Chris need not be loved, the main concern should be his reliance on God, which is unquestionable,

      Not so much at this point. Chris needs to fix this and fix it fast. If he made a mistake, then he should come clean and say so. His window of effective opportunity is quickly waning.

      >Do not be swayed by these pety antics.

      I'm not convinced this is a petty antic. The recorded conversation indicates otherwise. Instead of attempts to minimize this incident (which would come back in the General election if Chris was to win the nomination) Chris should already have come forward and explained this. The windw of opportunity is closing.

  14. A meager $2000? He was trying to qualify for the ballot and couldn't raise the money. That meager $2000 could have put him over the top. Dishonesty is dishonesty. Fact is Chris was well known for his dishonesty long before he decided to run for Congress.

  15. Claiming that someone is already a convicted felon is a serious accusation. What evidence do you have?

    • It's no secret. Mr. Powers has a record and served time. He spoke at a breakfast a few months ago and told his story. Mr. Johnson wants media attention for Blacks campaign and has been involved with Dean Black for months. None of this is secret information. Call Dean Black and ask him. Call Mr. Powers and ask him, in fact he delivered Dean Blacks sandbags to Corrine Brown, it's on video. Call Mr. Johnson and ask him who he supports.

      Not saying Nwasike is clear of any wrong doing I wouldn't vote for him regardless but it is clear under Fl law you can't do what Mr. Johnson and Mr. Powers did without facing some type of serious penalty, after all it is a felony.

      The whole thing sure smells fishy and for the record Mike Yost has been the only one who hasn't been accused of inappropriate use of funds in this race.

      Like I said in my first post, I am missing something because I can't see people, namely a senator advising them to commit a crime to expose another. It doesn't make sense.

      • For your information Dean Black has not been accused of any misuse of founds. You really need to get your facts straight. They accidentally took a check from a corporation and then they followed the law as they read it. Which says you must deposit all funds received. They did that and then refunded the money. I love how Mike Yost is trying to make himself look crystal clean, when he is the one throwing rumors around. So NO funds have been misused. Secondly Raymond Johnson is not a part of the Dean Black team. If you believe he is then please provide some evidence showing that he is.

      • Close but not entirely accurate.

        Black is undeer FEC investigation for the following and more:

        1) Taking TWO illegal corporate donations, one of which has been returned, one which has not. The law states that corporate contributions must be returned within 10 days of receipt, Black did not do this.
        2) Taking a $2000 donantion without stating who it came from.
        3) Taking a $2400 corporate "in kind" contribution.
        4) Failure to report over $10,000 in campaign expenditures.

        These are just the most eggregious of the issues that the Federal Elections Commission is looking into with Black's campaign and have been covered in the Florida Times Union. All are illegal and all could result in a fine which Black would be personally responsible for.

        Johnson and Powers have been seen activally campaigning on behalf of Black and Powers attampted to deliver "sand bags" to Rep. Brown's Washington, DC office on behalf of Black. He has posted a video of this on his web site.

        Were I Black, I too would try to distance myself from Powers and Johnson, but who are you going to believe, the above poster and Black or your lying eyes?

      • @JaxSuperVoter: I suggest you think twice on two counts. First, Mr. Johnson has publicly stated he is supporting Dean Black. He has been seen on several occasions wearing Dean Black's t-shirt and was at his last press conference in the "appropriate" attire as well. He has also been seen wearing Black's campaign button at many Duval REC meetings and actively campaigning for him as well.

        Secondly, I can assure you Mike Yost has not been spreading any rumors on either count- this investigation and also the FEC investigation of Black. I also contacted Yost and he denies having filed any FEC complaint or having any links to this issue as well. There are many other people who have been monitoring all candidates FEC reports and anyone easily could file a complaint if irregularities are present. For that matter, the FEC also monitors all filed reports and also can bring complaints against irregularities of finance activity too, so get all of your facts straight before you make accusations that are not based in fact.

        It appears the ONLY one spreading rumors is you JaxSuperVoter. These are facts and can be substantiated by others who have attended REC meetings and have seen Mr. Johnson and Mr. Powers publicly.

      • And don't forget that Powers has a video posted on his web site showing him trying to deliver Dean Black's sand bags to Corrine Brown's office. Black's campaign logo is visible on the bags and when they tried the same thing at her campaign kick off her spokesperson stated that they believed that Powers was working on behalf of Black.

        Johnson and Powers must believe that we are all too stupid to see for ourselves what they are doing and who they support.

    • While you're at it, why don't you ask for their definition of the word "is"?

  16. Raymond Johnson is a hard working young man who doesn't poses the charm and charisma of Chris Nwasike. But, he is a man of character and never gives up pursuing his goals against all odds.

    Nwasike is a user who accomplishes little.

  17. I have read both articles and neither mention Mr. Johnson being advised by a board of people to do anything illegal. It also does not say anything about Mr. Johnson being part of the audio tape recording. It did however say that it was released by Mr. Powers. It must be difficult to be a victim of a crime and have your character called into question.

    Raymond Johnson is a genuinely kind hearted man who would lend a helping hand to anyone in need.

    • Mr. Johnson was on the recording (you can hear his voice) he was with Mr. Powers. Mr. Powers when asking questions used the term "we" many times. Again, two people engaged in a felony there is no way around that. There are other stories and documents already going around, most have been sent by Mr. Johnson and many in the republican party don't want to be associated with Mr. Johnson at this point. It is common knowledge that Mr. Powers and Raymond work together in fact they had a radio show together. I don't personally know Mr. Johnson well enough to be able to comment on his character and he does seem like a nice guy but what have I have said all along is that they have broken the law while trying to uncover a broken law and it sure looks like they are doing on behalf of Black.

      Remember this, people have made many comments about this article. Many of these comments refer to things that aren't in the article. Why? Obviously there is alot more to this story and something isn't right with it. I think most would agree with that.

      In all seriousness this why we need someone like Yost. He doesn't mixed up with these kind of people and he is trust worthy.

    • I went back and listened to the audio tape again. Each time I heard “ we” used it was in reference to meeting with Mr. Nwaskike, Mr. and Mrs. Fields and others involved in the KGIA Rally. I also heard Mr. Powers state several times, “I have questions, I have concerns, I was told…”. So am I to assume just because ones voice is heard on the audio tape they are involved in the recording of the audio tape? If so then does that mean that Mr. Fields was a willing participant?

    • I listened to it again - the difference is that the Fields were not aware they were being recorded. Raymond knew it was happening and did nothing to stop it so he is also guilty of a felony. He continues to keep the video on his We The People site which is linked to his Biblical Concepts Ministry site. If he wanted to do the right thing by the law and God he would ask anyone who has it online to take it down but instead the evidence of the felony is there for all to see. It will be interesting to see if he lies when he is under oath. God is watching.

      Raymond and Jerod do everything together from a canceled radio show to Dean Black campaign work to sending documents to the media to bashing Catholics. Any smart candidate will want to keep a huge distance from Johnson and I am certain that his access to elected officials will be limited in the future. It is a shame because I have heard that he means well but he is unaware of his truly anti-Christian activities and obviously unaware of the laws that he has broken but is proud to bring attention to it.

      • Debbie, please post a copy of your law degree for us to certify your qualifications to posit on this matter. The silence from Chris is deafening. The Campaign Finance law violation alone will have him breaking rocks for an extended period.

      • Really, Lack of Reality?

        Perhaps you could show us when anyone has "broken rocks" for an FEC (alleged) violation. At most this is a small fine, a slap on the wrist and a little embaresment for Nwasike.

        On the other hand Raymond and Jarod, under Florida Statutes, are facing a felony conviction with penalties of up to five years in prison and a $1000.00 per day fine for every day that they keep the video posted. The legal defense fees alone will be enough to force each of them into bankruptcy and neither will be able to serve as a fiduciary or to vote for a very long time if convicted. Then of course there are the civil penalties that they would face upon conviction should the Fields choose to pursue that avenue.

    • In reply to "OneofThosePeople." In the audio recording the reference "we" was certainly present tense. Again I am not close to Mr. Johnson personally but I met him and spoke with him briefly when he was working with Teresa Graham a couple years ago. He has a voice you do not forget and I am very confident I heard his voice on the recording. Also I observed there was not any type of notification or disclosure made to the Fields that they were being recorded. The fact is that Mr. Powers has been involved in activity in the past which would lend to breaking laws. I am only stating facts that one must consider.

      I want to make it clear that I don't intend continue this exchange which seems to be leaning to a defense argument for Mr. Johnson and whether he participated in what the law says is a felony. In my opinion these people, the Fields were tricked into thinking they were engaging in a conversation with Mr. Powers and Mr. Johnson but it was really intended for the purpose of recording them (I might add that it sounded like from the beginning they did not want have the conversation anyway.) If Mr. Johnson was advised by others or led to believe from his friend Mr. Powers that it is legal, then it appears he was wrong. Not much difference between the crime he is accusing Mr. Nwasike of and the crime it appears he has done, they are both subject to imprisonment. There are civil and criminal repercussions in which they (Mr. Powers and Mr. Johnson) most likley will be aware of in the next few weeks, just read the law. Florida Statue (934.03).

      I have not assassinated Mr. Johnson's character or called him names. I have not made anything personal concerning anyone but I firmly believe this was set up and arranged. Anyone who knows Bob Smith can certainly understand why one would think that. We don't need this kind of crap in the republican party. We don't need people associated with this kind of garbage representing us or even getting on a ballot. We have to distance ourselves from this type of thing.

      I conclude with this. I think this is flat out dirty politics and as I have said repeatedly there is much more this story. I am convinced that Mr. Johnson and Mr. Powers are out of line and when the heat it is on they will "spill the beans" about any involvement with others and what and who is really behind this whole deal.

      If Yost was involved in this type of activity I responded no differently.

      I still don't think the story the article focuses on is big news but I think it will lead to big news. The article I am commenting about is only a re-run from early this week and now has more sizzle but there is nothing new other than the "audio" but I believe that will become the big story.

      And for the record - if all Mr. Powers and Mr. Johnson wanted the public to hear was "audio" they wouldn't have taken the time to produce a "video" with much sarcasm involved. It clearly has the intent to bring down a political opponent in which his logo is in its introduction. Think about it. The video clearly shows intent.

      This will not be going away anytime soon but I will. I have spent too much time explaining what any logical person can already determine. Good luck everyone.

  18. This whole thing just keeps getting more interesting. Johnson and Powers must be particuarly foolish to have secretly made an audio recording without first checking if their actions were illegal.

    Powers cannot be considered anything more than an idiotic thug should he in fact have previous felony convictions as claimed above. At this point he should be deeply worried that this episode could put him back in prison.

    As to the claims made above that some important people are on Johnson's "Advisory Board" you have to wonder if they are aware of all of the mess that Johnson is in and if so, how much longer they will want to maintain their relationship with him. My bet is that they will flee quickly as one has a legacy to protect and two others are currently running for office.

    The world has to be looking like a lonely place for Powers and Johnson.

  19. Perhaps Raymond can do his ministry while he is in jail after getting his sentence for committing a felony if he isn't turned into someone's prom queen while locked up inside first.

    If he really did say that about Catholics then he really is border-line mentally challenged. Get out your robe Raymond. It is this kind of closed-minded ignorance that the GOP needs to get rid of if they want to have any sort of long-term success.

  20. It sounds to me like there's a lot of posturing going on here. We are still waiting on Chris to make a statement explaining what/where/when/why this money apprears to have been misappropriated.

    The evidence so fdar apprears that Chris misused money he was trusted with, Raymond and Jerod have been naive in their dealings with this issue, and Chris' supporters are pulling out all the stops to turn the scrutiny away from that perspective by attacking Raymond and Jerod.

    These two young men should have had in place better advisors, and Chris should have been more careful while handling someone elses finances- which perplexes me how he got access to that money in the first place.

    At this point, I see the possibility for two crimes committed, and a candidate trying to sweep this under the rug: tell me where I'm wrong.

  21. Final comment, as I understand the situation as of now is a complaint has been filed with the Florida Elections Commission over this matter. It will be at least a couple of months before the investigation will be complete and a verdict rendered. I'll bet Ms. Brown is rubbing her hands together in glee as she watches us eat our own. I would suggest we all shut up, let nature take its course and all get behind the winner on August 24th. Otherwise we will be assured that Ms. Brown will serve another two and perhaps more years as our un-representative.

    • > I'll bet Ms. Brown is rubbing her hands together in glee as she watches us eat our own.

      I'd be willing to "eat our own" if legal or moral impropireties have taken place. With the Ethics investigations of Charles Rangle and Maxine Waters in the Headlines, Corrine Brown will have to be careful about what she says: almost anything can be re-directed to her fellow Democrat Congressmen.

      This is a good example of what is wrong with politics in America today. Here we have an example of what is apparently a situation where an aspiring candidate has taken advantage of a naive, but well-intentioned young man, and is now trying to bulldoze him as a method of self-defence.

      My questions are:

      Who are the Fields, and why did they take money from a non-profit organization to finance their personal business?

      If they were so "broke" where did the money come from to donate to Nwasikes' candidacy?

      If they were so broke, why did they not use the money they should not have borrowed to pay down their debt?

      If Mr Fields was the Treasurer, is this not a case of misappropriation of funds as a legal definition?

      If so, is Candidate Nwasike also guilty of the same misappropriation?

      How did these questionable people gain access to the bank account of an organization that I know they were not involved with from the begining? -The organization isn't that old.

      Is the NE Fla Tea Party involved in this, and if so how deeply? My understanding is they were the original supporters of Nwasike in the run against Corrine Brown.

      Has the Tea Party distanced themselves from Nwasike or are they standing by Nwasike as an organization?

      This issue iss far more complex than "Corrine Brown rubbing her hands together". Before anyone votes for a candidate in a primary they must be certain that candidate will represent them properly in the General election.

      At this point in time, Nwasike is not a viable candidate when one uses that criteria.

    • As the Florida Elections Commission does not have jurisdiction over this matter the above statement is nothing more than drivel.

  22. The recording may be perfectly legal under Florida's wiretapping law. The "all party consent" is provided an exception with in-person communication where there is not a reasonable expectation of privacy. Additionally, it was not done with illegal intent nor for commercial gain.

    None of this, whether indeed this exception applies or not, changes the fact that Nwasike knowingly violated federal election laws and should be prosecuted.

  23. Morning in America: Transparency as a requirement:

    "In the midst of this exciting moment in history has become a scandal of sorts with one of the candidates. It appears that this scandal includes issues such as misappropriation of funds, (not a legal accusation, but a valid perception) and some quick two-stepping to cover up the issue. To make matters worse, and more insulting is the fact that the incident took place in the name of “God and Country”. Americans by-nature despise those who take advantage of the weak or the naïve, and more especially when the advantage is taken by a politician who says “trust me, I’m a Christian”.

    -Morning in America , a blog by Jim Davis

  24. >Johnson and Powers must believe that we are all too stupid to see for ourselves what they are doing and who they support.

    This has nothing to do with whether or not Nwasike extorted money from a naive young man.

  25. "Americans by-nature despise those who take advantage of the weak or the naïve, and more especially when the advantage is taken by a politician who says “trust me, I’m a Christian”.

  26. >Like all who've met Chris, I've considered him to be congenial and intelligent. I would expect him to have already had a press release explaining what did or did not happen in this situation. His silence is disappointing. I would call for a detailed explanation, or his resignation from the current campaign to run against Corrine Brown.

    I spoke with Chris about this issue, he promised something to clarify the situation; that was three days ago. In my opinion, the window has closed on this opportunity.

  27. It appears that this scandal includes issues such as misappropriation of funds, (not a legal accusation, but a valid perception) and some quick two-stepping to cover up the issue. To make matters worse, and more insulting is the fact that the incident took place in the name of “God and Country”.

  28. I have spoken with the parties involved in this local issue and have come to the personal conclusion that there is a strong appearance of a politician taking advantage of a naïve young man who was more trusting than prudent, then threatening him if he makes a public issue of that mistreatment. This is exactly the type of politician Americans are tired of dealing with.

  29. Gone are the days when silver-tongues can tickle our ears and gain our votes. The time and the day has come when character counts: especially within the Republican Party. If an inexperienced candidate makes a mistake, we; realizing how convoluted election laws have become, can overlook some unintended faux pas, but intentions are so very important when determining the the character of a person whom one doesn’t know personally.

    This situation does NOT wreak of chracter, but much the antithesis.

  30. There are those who counter that a person is innocent until proven guilty: I agree, but I also understand that character isn’t always a legal issue. It is, however, a factor in deciding who best represents a constituency, a political party, and leads a Country. When a politician leaves distrust and discord in his wake, it’s a good indication that politician has character issues. When one leaves that impression, then is caught in a scandal where the innocent-minded are taken advantage of: it illustrates that person isn’t what the re-focused Republican Party stands for.

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. proclaimed: “I have a dream today, where a man is judged not by the color if his skin, but by the content of his character.” That day has arrived.

  31. I spoke with Chris on this matter, he said he'd interviewed with Austin and shown him receipts for his expenditures. My understanding is Chris didn't speak to Austin, but sent a representative to do so. I find that odd since Chris and Austin are both REC members and are easily accessable to each other if they want to be.

  32. Has anyone seen or heard a response from Chris? His silence is deafening, is it not?