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Clear Channel Kills Jacksonville’s Planet Radio

If you're a fan of the popular Lex and Terry morning show, you may notice a big change during your commute today.  

Clear Channel appears to have decided to retire their struggling "new rock station" - Planet Radio 107.3.  As of this morning, the station has been rebranded as Magic 107.3 and is playing a mix of oldies from the 1970's and 80's.  That includes artists like Fleetwood Mac, Diana Ross, the Eurythmics and the B-52's.

The switch happened with little advance notice, and at around 10pm on Wednesday evening the new format took over.  The Planet Radio website has been deactivated, as have all the station's social networking outlets.

No word yet on what will happen to Lex and Terry, the Jacksonville-born syndicated morning show that had been airing on Planet Radio for the last several years. Also no word yet from Clear Channel on the exact format of the new station or the fate of the old station's on air and behind-the-scenes talent.

The domain name Magic1073Jacksonville.com was first registered yesterday, perhaps a signal that the owners plan to launch a website in the near future.  If the pattern of other recent radio station format switches is followed, it seems likely that the new station will remain a jukebox of music while new talent is hired.

Planet Radio had suffered significantly in the ratings as Cox Radio's rival X 102.9 cut into their audience by promising to play fewer commercials.

Prior to being known as 107.3 Planet Radio, the alternative rock station had aired for many years on 93.3.   The new station's call letters remain WPLA, but that will likely change in the near future as the Magic 107.3 brand becomes more established.

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  1. The radio in this town is lousy anyway - that's why I switched to Sirius five years ago. The only good thing about having both 102.9 and the planet was that when one played a commercial you could just switch to the other and not have to hear it... they were both pretty much the same. Alt Nation and Faction are MUCH better options.

    • Haha thats what I said!They both played like the same songs so you could always go back and forth if one station played a crappy song...but now Magic radio is just a crappy old people station.No offense to old people.

  2. I won't listen to 1029 just because I'm loyal to planet radio. Plus I'm still bitter they took my 80's music. Unfortunately this is how clearchannel operates. I wonder where Lex & Terry might show up in Jacksonville next if at all. Looks like the boob a que was planets last event.

  3. It sucks that they shut Planet Radio down, but at the same time.. it wasn't anything special. Yes, they had a lot of good shit they played on the radio, but the sad thing is, over the past 2-3 years, they played a lot of bullshit, threw a lot of commercials in, and then played more bullshit. 102.9 isn't a whole hell of a lot better, but, I definitely enjoyed not having to listen to commercials every 10 minutes, I also enjoyed the fact they had a MUCH larger variety of music than Planet ever had. As far as 102.9 playing "dirty", the only thing they did that was dirty was comparing themselves to Planet Radio in a way that was a bit ill-mannered. Aside from that, they KILL planet radio... Planet Radio was great when it was 93.3... but my last two cents goes to Clear Channel..... FUCK YOU. Make better stations. It is definitely bullshit that 107.3 is replaced by some shit thats played on 5 other stations..

  4. this is such bs i have been a loyal l&t fan for decade + and a loyal deadbeat since i had a computer and now this magic really i am we are rockers not this deadbeats lets protest whos with me

    • People don't understand what planet radio was... The best of nothing when it was made.. and the best of the best while it existed. Sure it sucked at the end... but competing with the corporate nonsense does suck. To all the radio hosts... you guys will be missed. I still miss torturing Lonely...

  5. Ok CC did something right they kill the dead station. Now here is where they went wrong. The made it into a god damn mother fucking piece of shit nobody cares oldies. Let have a metal station for once. I bet you X will be crush if a metal station came in. now Im stuck listening to rock 105 and the grease shit man.

    • I agree 100% with you!!! METAL
      They put every crappy song from the 70's,80's mashed them all together and that is what Magic radio is...I hate greasy shit man he pisses me off

  6. THIS IS A BUNCH OF CRAP! Planet was always my favorite. and replacing it with EASY LISTENING?!?!?!?! What kind of slap in the face is that? AS IF we needed ANOTHER easy listening station. FUCK U clear channel! I won't be listening to ANY radio now. They were the only station I listened to. I've been a deadbeat fan since middle school! BIG MISTAKE! BIG! HUGE!!! All you needed to do was re-vamp the playlist. Untill Planet comes back This lady isn't listening to ANY radio during my ride to work ESPECIALLY not 102.9 If they were really so good they wouldn't need to advertise how "great" they are all the time.

  7. The worst thing is no more PLANETFESTS!!!!

  8. Frankly I was against 102.9 when they first came out. I did not like the constant Planet bashing. However, in the long run I started listening to them for several reasons. 1) I could turn the radio on in the mornings and didn't have to9 listen to two uneducated sexist twits who did nothing but insult their fans trying to mimic Howard Stern. 2) Most of the blather that came out of the mouths of the DJ's was dull and used up. I think the last time I enjoyed listening to a DJ on Planet was back when it was 93.3 and Spike was still with the company. 3) Commercials if you are going to claim to play fewer commercials then you should. 102.9 does play fewer commercials and can play more music because they don't have DJs. I like not having to listen to the personal opinion of some 20 something college kid who is mad at the world cause he can't get laid by a stripper. No there may no longer be any competition for "new rock" but, 102.9 doesn't play the same burnt out songs every day they do play new music and some music some of you have never heard. Yes what Clear Chanel did was wrong to their employees but we'll get over it. R.I.P Tex and Fairy hope it is for good now Jacksonville can come out of it's morning coma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I am so happy to hear The Planet is finally gone! This station was worthless and very rarely played any new rock music and half the crap they played was a pathetic excuse for "rock". "x" is no better either. Jax needs a new good hard rock station similar to Sirius/XM's Octane, Faction or Boneyard. Thank god that's what I have! Maybe a good rock/metal station here would actually bring in some decent shows too. Goodbye Planet, it was miserable knowing you. "X" is next. Who wants to start up an independent radio station and show Jax what it's all about? By the way, if anyone wants an incredible rock station to check out, go to wccc.com and listen to their live feed. They effin rock!

  10. Finally a true new genre of oldies here in Jax. No more fuzzy-static on Sunny 105.9 FM from Orlando.

  11. Unfortunately for all parties, listeners, Planet Employees, concert attendees, this is a corporate move. Clear Channel is a multi-million if not billion dollar corporation that is bordering a monopoly. These situation that happened to Planet unfortunately happens all the time across the country to radio stations. Overnight they will flip formats with little to no warning.

    Bottom line....Cox radio offered competition, Planet could not muster a defensive strategy or a plan to compete. The little that they did was too late. I don't know what the actual numbers are...will look up...but X102.9 did take away listeners. Love em' or hate em...that's business.

    This really falls in the hands of......PROGRAM DIRECTORS.

    They are responsible for marketing, content played, etc.etc.

    When Planet could not compete and produce, they were simply dissolved.

    Don't worry. There will be another summer concert event. The promoters (who actually put on shows) will not leave all the $ on the table, as PlanetFest was always successful.

    Stand behind your radio and support. Call the lines. Be pro-active!

  12. Save the planet... Planet radio stand off 1130 am to 1pm SATURDAY aug 6th... an hour and a half for everyone to show up and stand outside clear channel and let them know who they pissed off... we can all walk in maybe 4 at a time to let them know... and i'd like to see 1 of two things happen... i wanna see clear channel collapse due to loss of listeners... or i want to see planet radio back on air with a celebration concert... !!... people are doing the petition signing monday


  14. There is a concert type deal for bringing planet back 3pm at the jacksonville landing ... on august 21st... be there to show your support and wear your planet gear!... get a news crew up there... put some pressure on clear channel... reporters... don't be shy

  15. This is fucking bull shit. Planet radio has been here for like ever. I mean i like 102.9 too but when something ididnt like came on i would switch channels. But i mean seriously they changed it to Oldies?!?!?! Yes like thats going to attract so many people! Please, just please. Think about all the 'young people' that used to listen to Planet Radio. Clear channel has obviouly made a huge mistake cause this stunt will cut the listeners down by a huge percent. Ugh. So one more thing.... FUCK YOU CLEAR CHANNEL!

  16. So... Since clear channel took our alternative radio station away, are we going to get another one anytime soon?!!! You can't just leave us hanging with one and give the Country and Timberlake Lovers 2 - 3 to pick from!!! How are you going to replace good music with ancient crap!!!

  17. Ok, I understand the anger over the loss of Planet Radio, but let's act like intelligent adults, not angry children, throwing a temper tantrum.

  18. If there is any post on here that sums up Jacksonville's frustration that clear channel whatever the hell should read and take in its Chris's response. All our radio stations, compared to any other city, are way way way BELOW par smash 93.3 next and make a couple better hip hop radio stations too.

    Its really fucked up when you can put on 93.3 95.1 and 97.9 and have the same drake or lil wayne song playing on all 3. Its like a bunch of retarded monkeys are running the show.

  19. I am pissed that they canceled PlanetRadio 107.3... That was the best station ever... I liked the music on Planet Radio much better than x 102.9. AND the online radio for 107.3 is much higher quality than 102.9 ... Better DJs and better programming... Now how will I listen to lex and terry?

    I am so pissed...

    Fuck you clearchannel

  20. okay we've mentioned how bad it sucks for planet to be gone. i very rarely ever listen to the radio but planet was my station. i dont and wont miss lex and terry. no offense guys. i dont listen to talk.

    what i wanna know is what is going to happen to PLANET FEST. honestly thats all i care about. so if someone could PLEASE clear this up it would be amazing. i've gone religiously and cant bear the thought of not having one this year! warped tour wont come to jax anymore so this is the only outside concert i can get excited about.



  21. Here's my deal with this SNAFU. First Planet was pretty much DOA for years. Commercial after commercial after some good song followed up by more commercials and bull shit. I do miss road rage though that stuff was funny how people get so miffed off. I didnt like Lex and Fairy so having the X in the mornings for my hour so so commute for some real music was nice. The X does play a better variety of music though. Now as far as having both on the air, that was nice could swap to the other during commercials after 10 am (made my work day go better hearing straight music all day long). The bad of this was - this was coming years ago. Planet had the chance before the X even went live to actually wise up play real music and actually care about the people that put them on the map instead lining their pockets the last 7 or so years. It was going to happen sooner or later, a new station comes in sets up shop gives the listener what they want and blame guess what their the new dominate station. Survival of the fittest, if X starts to so that same crap that Planet did then another station will pop up and take their place.

    In a nut shell ~ Evolve or Die~ it's always been how any thing survives.


  22. Screw 102.9 ughh. I've been listening to planet radio for like 13 years. =( this sucks. 102.9 is getting taken off my preset button in my car. I'd rather listen to 95.1 then 102.9. I think everyone should stop listening to them so they won't have any good ratings. lol.

  23. I Think Its Bull.
    I Loved Planet && Never Missed A Planetfest From The Begining!
    Lex && Terry Also Made My Morning That Much Better:)
    But X102.9 Wasnt Bad Either,
    Planet Radio Was The Best Thing To Happen To Jacksonville.
    && Why Cant There Be Two Alt Rock Stations.
    We Have 2 Top 40 Stations.
    95.1 && 97.9
    They Have Been Around For Years && Have Never Canceled Each Other Out.
    There Are More Than 2 Country Stations && Now 2 (or more) Oldies Stations.
    Its Good To Have Differant Stations That Plays The Same Music.
    For Instance U Dont Like The Song Thats Playing Or A Commercial.
    But Either Way I Can Tell You That Loyal Planet Radio Listeners Are Not Gonna Stand For This.
    We Want Our Station Back && Our Planetfest Right Smack Dab In The Middle Of FREAKVILLE!


  1. Clear Channel’s Statement: Replacing Planet Radio with Magic 107.3 | The Jacksonville Observer