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Clear Channel’s Statement: Replacing Planet Radio with Magic 107.3

Clear Channel Radio yesterday announced the launch of a new format in the Jacksonville market – Magic 107.3 – “The Greatest Hits of All Time.”

The new format went live starting August 4th at 10:00pm and replaces the long-running alternative rock station Planet Radio, which had suffered significantly in the ratings as Cox Radio's rival X 102.9 cut into their audience by promising to play fewer commercials.

Prior to being known as 107.3 Planet Radio, the alt rock station had aired for many years on 93.3. The new station's call letters remain WPLA, but that will likely change in the near future as the Magic 107.3 brand becomes more established.

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Clear Channel's official press release gives listeners a taste of what they can expect: "Artists whose music will be heard on Magic 107.3 range from the Beach Boys to KC and the Sunshine Band, Billy Joel to Rod Stewart, Elton John to Motown. Designed as a fun station for the entire family, the upbeat 'Greatest Hits' format is perfect for workweek listening and weekend barbeques, and has proven to be very popular in other Clear Channel markets. The unique-to-the-market “Greatest Hits” sound of Magic 107.3 will replace Planet Radio – one of Jacksonville’s several traditional rock formats -- currently carried on 107.3."

“We are pleased to be able to bring the popular ’Greatest Hits’ format to one of Florida’s largest cities – it’s a fun, constantly upbeat sound that keeps listeners in the ‘groove’ with their favorite music all day and night,” said Jacksonville Market Manager Barbara Latham. “The Jacksonville market has a diverse mix of station formats but is lacking a quality format that speaks to music fans of all ages. We’re bringing Magic to the market to fill that void and give listeners the music they’ve always loved.”

Syndicated Planet Radio personalities, including “Lex & Terry,” can continue to be heard on the Internet.

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  1. This is by far the worse move since Clear Channel let Howard Stern go!! Hope you guys loose listners and sponsors BIG TIME!! Heres to moving to the competion and satellite radio again...

  2. you all suck. if you think thats what people want to hear your idiots. i will no longer support anything that clear channel does.

  3. What "Magic" is playing is just a softer version of 96.1, which is really quite soft enough. Someone at Cheap Channel is soft in the head if they think this was a good idea. Geez, at least go for something that doesn't exist--like 80's club-style music....

    • This is completely horrible! and if this is anything like 96.1 then this radio station is going nowhere!

  4. Lex and Terry were the number 1 radio show in jacksonville...

  5. Since I was young, I always listened to Planet Radio because they played the greatest music of it's genre. It was disappointing when they let go of Bubba the Love Sponge and switched to 107.3, but that was tolerable. And Lex and Terry were more work safe and better quality material.

    After starting our company (Gibson IT Services) in early 2008, we played Planet constantly in our repair bay and development center. I still have the link on my office desktop for the live stream, though it doesn't work now.

    Clear Channel, if you can read all of what Planet's Fans have posted across all media types, please return Planet Radio and it's crew in any way you can. Otherwise, you leave an uncomfortable void in the heart of Jacksonville.

  6. So what its saying is that u guys can't stand competition so u put on shity music

  7. Fuck the GOD DAMN OLDIES. This is 2010, not the fucking 70s or 80s. there is a format that is not in jacksonville it Metal. Why not play a metal station? And Barbara Go suck on a tube steak cunt, no one loves the fucking oldie unless they are in a retirement home.

  8. Terrible decision, You people,(yes I used that terminology) have awakened a sleeping giant. This is a new rock city, and we loved Planet dearly. To remove them overnight with little notice was appaling.

  9. What was Clear Channel thinking? First you bring on Lex and Terry, what did you think would happen? Most people who listen to alternative rock do not want to listen to their crap. They don't apeal to the same audience. It's just as well. Now we can fully support 102.9!

  10. Who ever took the real 107 away is a f@"$ ing idiot !! Jacksonville already has a soft adult dentist style station !! Seriously I thought it was a Lex and Terry joke this morning when I turned on the radio !! I mean I know a lot of old codgers live here but c'mon !! Goodluck with the so called "magic" station !! 102 is now my station !! Suck it !!

  11. The only magic that happen was "SUPRISE.......Look what we did, HaHaHa....no more Lex and Terry. What the heck? Clear Channel, YOU SUCK!!!!!! Freakville wants Lex and Terry!!!!!!

  12. This sucks! We need more rock in Jacksonville. Now I have to listen to 102.9? You guys should have done something better than "The magic". If I wanted to cry my self to sleep I would listen to Delilah on 96.1. Bad move clear channel!! When the Magic goes under, bring some rock back1

    Love the "The Mutha Trucker"

  13. Clear Channel made a mistake

  14. I can't believe this! We love Lex & Terry in freakville! So now, is this new music going to put Rock 105 out too? This totally sucks. I really enjoyed Lex & Terry. BRING THEM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Lex and Terry were right, radio executives are the dumbest mother fuckers in the world.
    Barbara Latham, you are a stupid bitch. I will never listen to this new station.

  16. Here's a better idea. There should be a station that just plays a totally random mix across the broad musical spectra. Classic rock...then traditional Gaelic...pink hair dance floor...weepy country...gangsta rap...choir music...something experimental with dogs barking and a guy muttering...soft rock...etc.

    So literally when you turn on that dial, you'd have NO IDEA WTF is about to come through those speakers. Could be Bach, Springsteen or Bjork. It would be fun, interesting and expose people to new material.

    • Thats The Dumbest Shit I Have Ever Heard In My Life.
      Freakville Wants Its Planet Back.
      With Lex && Terry && Im Pretty Sure They Will Deal With The Commercials Just Like We Always Have.
      Planet Radio Was The Heart && Soul Of Jacksonville.
      November Will Never Be The Same Without Planetfest:(
      My First Time Crowdsurfing Was At Planetfest 8 && It Was In The Paper.
      The Only Picture Might I Add. So Many Memories Are Gone Now.
      Thanks Clear Channel Good Job, For Makin Me Feel Like I Have Lost My Best Friend!

  17. clear channel are you really wanting to get ran out of jacksonvillebecause if you are you made the right choice which in mine and many thousands of peoples opinion it was the WRONG

  18. MOVE all of you will regret it when the new format proves to be a disaster bring back planet radio and the old crew and since theres nomore plnet fest look at the proffit fall dumbasses

  19. one more thing planet was family oriented because majority of the people with young kids are in there 20's who grew up on planet once again you let cox radio beat you

  20. I grew up in Jacksonville and was stoked when Planet Radio started! Every trip home me and my kids know we are almost there when Planet radio picks up! it's the only station that we listen to when at home! What crap!!! going to soft rock, elevator music! "fun for the whole family"? what garbage!!! families don't all listen to crap like you're trying to try to force down our throats! Imagine that... Clear channel ruined radio stations everywhere and now J-ville is just another of its victims!

  21. Is it just me or does anyone else think the radio stations in Jacksonville suck, All of them play the same worn out music over and over and over. The New 96.9, nothing new about them, 96.1 same ol same ol, Rock 105, please, its 2010 how about changing your recorded tape loop, and now Magic 107, You all make me sick.

  22. I have been a listiner of Planet Radio for the last 12 or 13 years. The DJ's or what ever you call them now have helped make me laugh when hard times hit me and my family. I am not saying they were Dr. Phill, but a few seconds each day, a laugh was more than I could expect as my father in law passed a unpleasent death, my mother suffered beyond what any human being should have to endure from cancer. The Planet music and the on air personalities (not Lex and Terry) really felt like family to me during those terribly difficult times. Chumbly and all the rest I hope a new station will pick you up soon. You guys ans gals were truly Family Friendly radio. God Bless the Planet Family.

  23. I used to listen to Lex and Terry every morning on my way to Jax from Macclenny, Then as I drove around Jax all day doing service calls I would listen to the Planet. After that on my way home I would listen to Klingers show.


  24. OMG , Worst move ever made. You have lost all of your listeners. Bring Lex and Terry back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I have listened to planet radio since i moved to jax. 7 years ago. They rocked they are the best radio station I have ever heard. Then 102.9 came along they suck big fat monkey dick you fucking retards you just canceled the best radio station in the world. Oh ya and no more planet fest you fucking assholes I cant describe how pissed offf I am you Have ruined my days at work planet rocked me threw the day your a fucking cunt bag for that Barbara. I would love to meet you so I could tell you what a mistake you have made who wants to listen to magic dentists music my grandparents you fucking bitch. Jacksonville just lost the best thing it ever had. TO PLANET RADIO AND ITS CREW JAX. LOVES YOU WE WANT YOU BACK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. This new channel sucks ass. Horrible music. I turned it on and I was like what the fuck is this?

  27. "I used to listen to Lex and Terry every morning on my way to Jax from Macclenny, Then as I drove around Jax all day doing service calls I would listen to the Planet. After that on my way home I would listen to Klingers show.


    I'm in a similar situation.. I was a loyal listener.... Now I am taking this channel off my presets.

  28. Thank God. 107.3 was a joke and this new format is really quite an improvement. Planet Radio's idea of heavy metal was 30 Seconds to Mars and Linkin Park. Cheesy teenager music. I am so glad that Chasey and the rest of those hacks are out of work. They sucked and I'm glad that they have finally been put out of their misery. Also, for all of the Jacksonville illiterates out there, please use spell check and have mom or dad check your sentence structure before sending your rant...
    p.s. - Lex and Terry both need a punch in the face. Two middle aged guys who try to stay relevant by telling everyone how hetero they are. Attn: Lex and Terry, you are old and so is your act.

  29. When you brought on Lex and Terry and their 5 hour fart joke, you condemned a great station with great alternative music. If you were trying to go after the uneducated, inbred, single wide trailer audience, you succeeded. All it took was one station with more music and no obnoxious morning talk format to bring Planet down.

    Our town has finally outgrown Lex and Terry's talentless, hillbilly humor. We will probably see a decrease in Meth labs. Too bad Planet went with them...

  30. To bad Planet Radio is gone.Even tho they played almost EVERYTHING that 102.9 had.Id rather listen to that than the crap they play now.Im listening to...Magic Radio 107.9 right now on my mp3 player....god that crap sucks Id rather hit myself in the ball with a hammer.The song there playing now on 107.9 sounds like some country song.....what has the world come too!!!?!?!

  31. What Jacksonville needs is a Praise and Worship station desperately. We only have 88.1 zFM locally, that's it!! Please give this consideration. Thank you!