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Mario Rubio, Brother of Marco, Files to Run for Jacksonville City Council

Mario Rubio, the older brother of former House Speaker and Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio, has decided to jump into the race for the District 3 seat on the Jacksonville City Council.

This is not Mario Rubio's first bid for elective office.  In 2008 he waged an aggressive campaign for a seat in the Florida State House, but was ultimately defeated by then-Councilman Lake Ray.

Mario, who was born in Cuba and came to the United States with his parents in the 1950s, is 21 years older than his famous brother.

Rubio will be challenging incumbent City Councilman Richard Clark, who just recently finished serving a term as Council President.

The district, in rough terms, coveres areas west of the Intracoastal Waterway and east of Kernan Boulevard.  Clark won the seat in a 2005 special election, besting fellow Republican Scott Shine by a bit more than 100 votes.  He was unopposed when seeking re-election to a full term in 2007.

Both Rubio and Clark are Republicans.  A third candidate who has filed for the seat, Nick Callahan, is also running as a Republican.

3 Responses »

  1. Thank goodness. Seems like common sense wants to return to the council.

    Mario is a stand up gentleman whose word means something, unlike Mr. "Can't return a phone call."

  2. If Mario thinks the negative scorched earth campaign he ran against lake Ray will be forgotten, he's one dumb dude.

    You can't play that kind of politics and not expect it to bite you in the ASS - hARD!

  3. Mario Rubio would be a great addition as Councilman and bring some conservative adult leadership to the council.