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READER POLL: EverBank Deal Good for Jacksonville?

The Jacksonville City Council's Finance Committee has again shown some reluctance to approve a 5-year agreement with EverBank that would see Jacksonville Municipal Stadium renamed as EverBank Field. The sticking point is the team's request that the city forgo taking the 25% share that it is owed.

Advocates for the deal, including Mayor Peyton, argue that it makes sense because it shows Jacksonville is serious about keeping an NFL franchise in this city for the long-run. Critics charge that in these tough economic times it's hard to justify giving up any revenue, particularly when the team routinely pays individual players millions of dollars each per season.

The Council will look to take up the issue at a meeting on Tuesday. If it doesn't pass through the Finance Committee before the regular meeting, it can still be brought to the floor by a two-thirds vote of the full council.

We want to know what you think... is this a good deal for the City of Jacksonville or are we being asked to give up too much?

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