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Newsmax.com Sure Seems to Love Bill McCollum

I seem to have found my way onto an email list for the conservative news site Newsmax.com, I think I subscribed a couple of years ago and largely forgot about it.

Looking back at the headlines of the dozen or so emails I got from Newsmax during 2009 and didn't immediately delete, they seem to range from 'Obama's Birth Certificate Lie' to 'Arthritic Joint Pain Gone Forever Without Drugs' - the latter a clearly marked paid advertisement for some sort of miracle cure vitamin program.

But recently I've been getting lots of emails from Newsmax.

And I mean lots.  Two or three a day.

Initially it was two or three times a week they'd pop up in my inbox, but it's gotten more frequent during the last few days.  Frankly, I've deleted a good number of them without reading, but suddenly it struck me that all of the messages have one theme suspiciously in common.

Looking at the emails I haven't automatically deleted, here are all of the subject lines from the ones sent during the month of August...

Rick Scott Refuses to Release Lawsuit Deposition (8/11)
McCollum: Florida Law Will Go Further Than Arizona's (8/11)
Michael Reagan Endorses McCollum in Fla. Race (8/10)
Why Bill McCollum Is Our Choice for Florida Governor (8/10)
Pro-Lifers Back McCollum: Schlafly, Bauer, More (8/9)
Dick Morris Urges McCollum Vote, Only He Can Win in November (8/9)
Hasner: McCollum Is True Conservative (8/8)
Rick Scott Hires Ousted RNC Official (8/7)
Rick Scott's Firm Sued 10 Times, Candidate Described as 'Ruthless' (8/5)
McCollum Ad Spoofing Rick Scott Goes Viral (8/4)
McCollum Wins Big Endorsements, Scott's Link to Fraud Cited (8/2)

The email about McCollum's ad spoofing Rick Scott having "gone viral" was particularly laughable, as the childish video in question wasn't even all that popular. In fact, I'd wager most of the people who found the video found it via Newsmax or an email from the McCollum campaign. Viral suggests people are organically forwarding it to each other.

Going to the Newsmax.com website and doing a search for Rick Scott's name is also quite interesting. Every single story about Scott during the last two months appears to have a sharply negative tone.

Any reasonable person would have to conclude that either some editor with Newsmax absolutely loves Bill McCollum, or these stories are being purchased by the McCollum campaign. Though perhaps not directly by the campaign, because looking at McCollum's campaign finance reports, the vast majority of his spending is being done through a handful of consulting and media buying firms.

Newsmax's website offers up a media kit which includes buying geographically targeted emails, but nothing about the content of these emails I've been receiving suggests to the reader that they are paid political advertising. They are sent out as so-called "Breaking from Newsmax.com" email alerts.

With almost two weeks remaining until the primary, I'm sure I can look forward to lots more McCollum cheerleading and Scott bashing in my inbox.

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  1. I was also on the Newsmax email list for a couple of years and not quite sure of how I made it there. I must have signed up for it during the last presidential primary races because that is when I started receiving the messages.

    Anyway, I believe Newsmax is a spawn of Dick Morris, or somehow related to Morris in some way. Which makes sense if you are receiving pro-McCollum and anti-Scott subject lines from them. I noticed a similar trend and unsubscribed myself about 2 or 3 months ago.

    • It is very sad to see such one side reporting in any publication. However, the reason behind the one sided reporting that supports McCollum is because of power from the Bush family! Jeb Bush, and his faimily, will not let go of power in Florida. They know if Scott get's elected it is over for their power and influence! Even Dick Cheney's daughter, Liz's PR firm is running ads for McCollum!

  2. Look no further than McCollum Mole, RPOF wanna be and tea party leader Everett Wilkinson. He has a real good friend within Newsmax as they are in the same town. Search Wilkinson and you will understand.

    Newsmax is not a news source, they are a misinformation source sending out alerts slanted the way they want the readers to believe.

  3. Today I received an email from NewsMax. They said their "sponsor" American League of Voters had a message. There is where the money to NewsMax is coming from. NM does not have to publicly report it and neither does ALV.