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Our Pick: Greene, Ferre for U.S. Senate

Kendrick Meek is entirely unfit to sit in the United States Senate. He is simply an empty-suit creation of his mother, former South Florida Congresswoman Carrie Meek, who arranged to make sure that her son would take over her seat when she decided to retire in 2002.

Most troubling are Meek’s ties to developer Dennis Stackhouse, who is now awaiting trial for grand theft and organizing a scheme to defraud. Meek earmarked over a million dollars for Stackhouse’s development project and requested an additional $4 million in earmarks for him, which were never awarded.

At the same time, Stackhouse employed Meek’s mother (the former Congresswoman) as a consultant -- paying her $90,000, giving her the free use of a leased Cadillac Escalade and donating the use of a 2,600 square foot office for her foundation.

The list of Meek’s ethics issues goes on and on.

Meek’s top rival for the nomination, Billionaire real estate developer Jeff Greene, is far from perfect. He invested millions of dollars betting that the housing market would fall,
and once it did, made $800 million while many Americans were facing foreclosure.

Greene’s personal life is also rather colorful, including ties to Mike Tyson and the incident in which his super-yacht dropped anchor on an environmentally sensitive coral reef off the coast of Belize, causing major damage.

The third major candidate in the race, former Miami Mayor Maurice Ferre, is actually the far superior choice. Yet his underfunded campaign has failed to catch fire in any meaningful way. Ferre has been in the legislature, the Mayor's office and served a county commissioner. Through his decades in office, Ferre has managed to avoid any major scandals -- quite a feat for someone in South Florida politics.

The candidates essentially agree on all the major issues, but because he’s spending his
personal resources to fund his campaign, Greene won’t owe anyone any favors.

We endorse both Greene and Ferre. Greene for those who plan to vote for someone who might actually win and Ferre for those looking to support the “most qualified candidate” regardless of their electoral prospects.

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