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Our Pick for U.S. Congress: Browning

Don Browning, candidate for U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. HOUSE, DISTRICT 3: Congresswoman Corrine Brown is seeking yet another term in her gerrymandered district.

On the Democratic side, attorney Scott Fortune is running an active, but underfunded campaign. Making matters worse, he doesn’t even live in the district he’s seeking to represent.

Also living outside the district are Republicans Mike Yost and Dean Black, both of whom would make excellent candidates for the legislature or city council in a future race. Candidate Chris Nwasike lives in the district, but he speaks only in tightly controlled soundbites and there are some serious ethical questions surrounding his handling of funds from a non-profit organization he helped to create.

Congresswoman Corrine Brown is well known as an embarrassment to the state of Florida. But it seems exceptionally unlikely that any candidate will be able to defeat her this year.
We recommend voting for anyone other than Brown, but decline to endorse any specific candidate.

U.S. HOUSE, DISTRICT 6: Congressman Cliff Stearns is a reliable conservative vote for the Republicans, but he’s been in office for more than 20 years. During that time he’s failed to take on a significant leadership role. Congressman Ander Crenshaw has climbed much higher in far fewer terms than Stearns has.

When he was first elected, Stearns pledged to serve only six terms. He’s now seeking his twelfth term in office.

For the first time in two decades, Stearns is facing a serious challenger in the Republican primary. Tea Party activist Don Browning served a short stint on the Winter Park City Council some years ago.

Browning is a long-shot for sure, but he's campaigning hard. Unfortunately, the Congressman refuses to debate him, sending paid Congressional staffers to attend all of the various candidate forums.

A little fresh blood is good now and then. We endorse Don Browning for U.S. House of Representatives.

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  1. To claim that that Browning is a "serious" challenger is more than a bit ridiculous. With this one article alone the Observer has ceased to be a serious news or opinion source.

    • This is a serious campaign. Why else would there a person driving all over the district picking up only Don Browning signs calling them "code violations" and leaving the rest of the other signs alone? Sounds like somebody is running scared! It's too late for Stearns to change his strategy of ignoring Don Browning and the voters. This year is different! This year we have a chance to a Republican from District 6 with a backbone and the courage to fight for America!

    • I was wondering which article was going to do it. Glad I now know!

  2. While I respect your difference of opinion about qualifications, please consider my point of view regarding your comments about "living in the district." Your article states, "On the Democratic side, attorney Scott Fortune is running an active, but underfunded campaign. Making matters worse, he doesn’t even live in the district he’s seeking to represent."

    The U.S. Constitution requires only that congressional representatives inhabit the STATE where their district is located. There is no requirement that the representative live in the "district" because gerrymandering has been going on since the birth of our nation. In other words, by political gamesmanship/gerrymandering, one politician or political party would be able to prevent another qualified candidate from running, if he had to live in the DISTRICT.

    More importantly, I do "LIVE" in the district I seek to represent. I make my living in the federal courthouse (in the district) and my clients come from the district, the source of my clientele for the past 25 years. I do not "SLEEP" in the district, however, because it is gerrymandered to exclude me. The fact that I do not sleep in the district does not make me less qualified; the fact that Corrine Brown does SLEEP in the district does not make her MORE qualified. I LIVE in the district far more than she does; she LIVES in Washington D.C.

    While I respect your politicial point of view, I wanted to at least point out that this is a false argument about "living in the district," as an alleged criterion for being a good representative.

  3. I think the honorable campaign by Mr. Browning is hitting Mr. Stearns hard. Cliff Stearns has tried to create his own tea party and then use it to mislead people in order to try to link his name with Tea Party Solutions Ocala. I am a member and Cliff Stearns has never participated at any of our meetings. We do not endorse any candidate but encourage them to come to meetings. Look at our candidate report cards on line. Last night, his employees left papers on our car windshields about Mr. Browning outside the tea party but do not have the nerve to come inside and talk at the meeting when Mr. Browning and the membership was inside and easily available. Grown ups speak face to face. Also he is saying that Don Browning will not Debate him despite his repeated requests. Come on Mr. Stearns, you have been hiding behind your taxpayer paid employees this whole campaign season. As Mr. Browning says " Cliff is a no-show" I know there was a debate scheduled last Friday but was cancelled because Cliff Stearns would not attend. Even radio shows want to have the debate on air and Cliff will not participate. Why is Mr. Stearns hiding? Listen to the podcast from 97.3 fm Ocala/Gainesville-The Drive Time Happy Hour last week. When Cliff Stearns was asked directly if he would debate Don Browning, Cliff Stearns talked and talked politician style but no one was sure what he said. Even the radio host asked listeners to listen to the podcast and try to figure out if Mr. Stearns gave a YES or a NO to the on air debate request. Go Don Browning!!! You obviously have him running scared! I voted for Don Browning! Thank you Jacksonville Observer, all your articles are a breath of fresh air. Obviously your paper is not controlled by the New York Times.

  4. Cliff Stearns has not been listening to us for a very long time. He is afraid to be challenged and to answer for his voting record.He thinks he can be a "no show" and we will not notice. Well, we are noticing and our votes DO COUNT.

    DON BROWNING is giving us a new option. One that will take us back to common sense and
    responsible leadership. One that will not be afraid to answer to the people.