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You Can Smell the Sour Grapes in McCollum’s Concession Statement

Attorney General Bill McCollum took to ending nearly all of his recent television commercials by saying "I trust your judgment, I always have."

It seems that might have changed on Tuesday evening. McCollum doesn't seem too pleased with the decision of voters on Tuesday to nominate Rick Scott for governor. At first he refused to concede defeat, despite the fact that the Associated Press and several other major news outlets had called the race for Scott. After Scott declared victory, and the margin between the two failed to shrink, McCollum eventually (and reluctantly) released a statement in which he takes a shot at Scott as having a "questionable past" and fails to congratulate him on his victory or make attempt to encourage party unity moving forward.

“The votes today have been tallied and I accept the voters’ decision,” says McCollum. “This race was one for the ages. No one could have anticipated the entrance of a multi-millionaire with a questionable past who shattered campaign spending records and spent more in four months than has ever been spent in a primary race here in Florida."

“While I was disappointed with the negative tone of the race, I couldn’t be more proud of our campaign and our supporters for fighting back against false and misleading advertising when we were down by double-digits," he continues. “First, I want to thank my wife, Ingrid, and our entire family. I could not have made it this far without Ingrid’s unwavering love and support. I also want to thank the many Republican leaders who stood by our campaign and helped build our organization, especially Governor Jeb Bush, Commissioner Charlie Bronson, House Speaker Larry Cretul, Senate President Designate Mike Haridopolos, House Speaker Designate Dean Cannon and House Majority Leader Adam Hasner."

“As I’ve said time and time again, this race was never about me, it’s about Floridians," he says. "My campaign was about our kids and grandkids, and making Florida a better place for them."

It ends: “My campaign for Governor may be over, but I remain committed to serving our state and serving out the rest of my term as Florida’s Attorney General. We will continue our fight against Obamacare, continue to support states’ rights and their authority to crack down on illegal immigration and fight for all Floridians. I love Florida, and I believe in the extraordinary people who have made it the greatest state in the country. There is nothing beyond our reach when we put trust in individuals and in free enterprise, not in government or bureaucracy. I will always remain committed to fighting for these core conservative principles.”

Planned "unity events" around the state have been postponed as the party's establishment reels from Scott's largely unexpected victory.

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  1. Name one politician that doesn't have a "questionable past." Name one that looks out for the people who elected him instead of those that make big campaign contributions; name one that has not sold out the interest of the citizens to the profits of Wall Street. So Rick Scott is a corporate crook; big deal. He should fit in fine with the rest of the crooks we already have in government.

    Not that it matters, but I was seriously thinking about voting for McCollum until I saw Jeb Bush's commercial endorsement. I will NEVER vote for another Bush or anyone endorsed by them!

  2. Unfortunately, all of this will help Ms Sink slide right into the job...

  3. So Dena is willing settle on a candidate who is seriously lacking in morals and character. I will not vote for this crook in the general election. If that gives us a Demoncrap as Governor...then so be it. I held my nose and voted for McCain and will not compromise my values again. Are you listening, Dena?

    • Wade, I wished you had a lot of friends living in Arizona who thought like you. Republicans out there are brain-dead as they keep voting for liberal Teddy Kennedy's old side-kick, Juan McCain. It's a jump ball as to who's the biggest RINO in Washington.... Lindsey 'the queen' Graham or Juan McBush, I mean McKennedy, I mean McCain.

  4. The guy's a life long political hack, you know the type who always manages to have his picture taken with politicians who are higher up the arse-kissing ladder than himself.

    As soon as the primary process started Mr. McCollum came out throwing mud and he never let up... even now. Pathetic. The guy's a real dog. Reminds me of the verse in the Bible where a dog always returns to eat its own vomit.

  5. Bill McCollum started the slash and burn mudslinging from the very start as soon as Scott got into the race. I would receive updates from the McCollum campaign and press releases and all I would get was Fraud lies cheater Scott. McCollum got very very very nasty in the beginning and it really turned off the voters. I am involved in politics and I would hear Boy What Do You Think About All These Negative Attacks From McCollum. I had to agree with these comments. McCollum was just plain nasty and he really did not offer any real solutions in the beginning of his campaign just negative attacks. I think Scott the then went negative on McCollum because he had to

  6. If Rick Scott has not been charged with any crimes, how is he a crook? This election should have been about non-politicians with new ideas. Unfortunately, in most Florida contests other than for the republican nominee for the governorship, the career politicians faired quite well. If we want different government, we need to vote for people with different ideas not beholden to industry lobbyists.

  7. Much as I hate to distract everyone from insulting various politicians, I'd like to make a separate point: When only 46 percent of the voters have chosen somebody, I don't think it makes sense to say that the "voters" have chosen him. If we want REAL majority rule, we should go back to runoffs (or better yet, institute instant runoff voting).

  8. We have truly terrible choices this year, but even the worst Republican is usually better than the disease known as Democrat philosophy, in which you spend and tax everyone into bankruptcy. Yeah, Rick Scott had some nerve running, given his background. So did McCollum, since he's the exact opposite of the citizen-statesman which our Founders wanted to see. On the one hand we had a man who has gone from one government position to another, leeching off the taxpayers, and on the other hand a guy whose companies broke the law and who was somehow looking the other way. Florida isn't going to be a good place to be for 4 or 8 years.

  9. Have thought for years that McCollum might be the decent thoughtful man us "real Republicans" are looking for. At worst, he would have been the lesser of the evils out there.

    Noted that the head of the Democratic Party here in FL said on TV that he would prefer Scott as the Republican nominee to campaign against...... was that the only "endorsement" that Scott gained?

    Ah well..... looks like apathy and ignorance reigns and I feel like a Polish farmer in 1939 with the Nazis coming in on one side and the Soviets on the other.


  10. Is it really a BAD thing that Scott won considering that the alternative would have been a McCollum win? Neither of these two have any business accussing the other one of being "questionable" or a "mud slinger". This was one of the most ridiculous campaign seasons I've ever seen. Even Sink couldn't resist throwing down on both of them.

    The only good thing about the result is that the commercials will stop. Now we'll just have to wait and see what the general election campaign brings us. Sink's banking background ought to be ripe for fodder, and I'm sure Scott is going to jump all over it. Scott's already been accussed of being some sort of king of porn, a con-man, a drug dealer and a crook, so not sure what else Sink can hammer him on.