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McCollum Should Take Down His Website

We now know that Attorney General Bill McCollum is something of a sore loser.  We saw it in his failure to concede the governor's race to Rick Scott in person on primary night, plus his refusal to endorse the winner.  In fact, McCollum has openly taken shots at Scott since losing the race.

Making matters worse, the McCollum campaign has dropped all updates of their website at BillMcCollum.com.

No thank you message for supporters.

No "unity" language of any sort.

And no attempt to mask or remove the hard hitting, negative attacks on Scott's character and financial dealings.

If Alex Sink wants to score some votes right now, she should be driving people to BillMcCollum.com and letting that do the dirty work for her.

Now a three-time loser in statewide races, McCollum's failure to step aside with dignity signals the end of his political career.

It's been a full week, Mr. Attorney General.  Take down the website, thank your supporters and focus on your last few months in office.

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  1. So now we're supposed to overlook Scott's "...character and financial dealings." and fall into line behind him so we don't end up with a ideologically hamstrung left winger as Governor?

    "Real Republicans" are an endangered species, and "real Democrats" are extinct!

    Sour grapes? Yeah, the grapes are sour! A pox on both your houses!