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No Thanks: Dockery, Weinstein Don’t Want to Join the Ticket

Former gubernatorial candidate and State Senator Paula Dockery has told Rick Scott she is not interested in joining the Republican ticket as Lt. Governor.

Dockery noted that he husband was not interested in moving to Tallahassee and she saw herself serving the administration in other ways if Scott is elected.

Speculation brewed that Dockery would make the short-list because she was one of a handful of Republican legislators to buck the party leadership and publicly endorse Scott over establishment-favorite Bill McCollum.

"I will have a pivotal role in his administration, but not as lieutenant governor," she said of Scott.

Another legislator that stepped up for Scott was Jacksonville's own Mike Weinstein, who has also stated he is not interested in the number-two spot.

"I can do more to help what he wants to do in the legislature," Weinstein told the media. "It should not be a payback. There should be a broader concern."

Scott must choose a running mate by Friday.

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  1. Neither of them were ever being considered for that slot, but most definitely will have key roles whether it be directly or indirectly involved with the administration.