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Rubio, Scott to Headline Local Tea Party Event

The Tea Party Network, composed of the eleven Tea Party groups operating in the Northeast Florida area are sponsoring a rally on September 18th at Francis Field in St. Augustine. 

The featured speakers will be Marco Rubio, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, plus Rick Scott, Republican Candidate for Governor.  Pam Bondi, the GOP nominee for Attorney General will also being joining them.

The rally is scheduled to run from 11:00am through 3:00pm at the field, located at 29 Castillo Drive in St. Augustine.

The event will kick off the group's march towards the November 2nd elections.  

According to their press release: "The Tea Party Network is committed to the election of politicians grounded in the principles of smaller limited government, personal liberty and fiscal discipline."

"The Tea Party Network  is composed of the following local Tea Party Groups: American Tea Party, Baker County Tea Party, Peoples Tea Party, St. Augustine Tea Party, Nassau Patriots, Putnam County Tea Party, Flagler Tea Party, Keystone Tea Party and the Marion County Tea Party.  These organizations have joined to cooperate on events and voter education efforts."

5 Responses »

  1. Guess the Tea Party is letting the mask slip a bit.

  2. Why all three Scott, Rubio, and Bondi, are believers in smaller government and following the constitution. We will get our country back_ that is change we can count on. God Bless

  3. Man, this is going to be awesome!! Go Rubio,Scott and Bondi!!