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McCollum Issues a Statement, No Endorsement

The Bill McCollum for Governor campaign sent out an email message to supporters on Monday evening, thanking them for their support. The note also includes a mention of the election results in which McCollum boasts that he won the Election Day balloting, but it was that pesky early voting (46% of people early and absentee voted) that eventually sunk him.

McCollum says he will use his website to help support Republican in November, but makes no specific mention of gubernatorial nominee Rick Scott.

He also notes that he may still remain on the radar after he leaves office: "It is my intent to remain active in public policy effecting our state and nation even after leaving office in January and hope you will remain engaged with me."

Here is the full email from McCollum...

To my Friends and Supporters,

Although the primary election did not give us the results we worked so hard to achieve, your constant confidence and support throughout the campaign was greatly appreciated.

Post election analysis shows we won the Election Day vote, but it was not enough to overcome the lead my opponent amassed in absentee and early votes (46% of the votes were cast before Election Day).

This campaign was never about me, but about making Florida great again for our kids and grandkids. I’m proud of the campaign we ran and of our focus on addressing the state’s most challenging issues in the toughest of economic times. Serving as a Navy JAG officer, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives and now as your Attorney General has been a privilege for which I am indebted beyond measure to the people of Florida.

This Tuesday, September 14th, in Pensacola, my office will be in court to defend our healthcare lawsuit against the Obama Administration’s motion to dismiss our constitutional challenge. I will appear on Fox News Channel’s “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren” program at 10:00 pm EST this evening to discuss this issue, as well as on “Fox and Friends” tomorrow morning at 8:20 a.m. EST, among other programs. I hope you will tune in and continue to follow this critically important lawsuit as it progresses through the courts.

Although I will complete my term as your Attorney General in January, I will work hard to fulfill these and other important obligations for the people of Florida over the coming months.

I hope you will stay in touch through email and through my website, www.BillMccollum.com, as well as through Facebook and on Twitter. It is my intent to remain active in public policy effecting our state and nation even after leaving office in January and hope you will remain engaged with me.

We will use these tools to help rally support for Republicans in November and to advance the conservative causes I know will return prosperity to our state for generations to come.

Again, Ingrid and I truly appreciate your support and look forward to keeping in touch.

Warm regards always,
Bill McCollum

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  1. LOL love the picture you used... A perfect portrait of McCollum.