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Bill McCollum Actually Won Election Day? Not So Fast!

The most interesting thing about Bill McCollum's recent statement is he declares that now that all the votes are counted, he's learned he won election day voting.  It was just all those pesky early voters that put Rick Scott over the top.

Trouble is, I can't find any hard numbers to back up what he's saying.

He says he won the vote on election day and that, essentially, it was only because of all those early voters that he's not the nominee right now. Taking it a step further, McCollum seems to be implying that as voters learned "the truth" about Rick Scott later in the race, they were flocking to McCollum's camp.

We know that's not true.

McCollum lead in the polls during most of early voting and it was only in the final days that Scott regained the momentum.

The State of Florida's website doesn't seem to break down votes by early, absentee and election day voting. But most individual counties do make those distinctions. So let's take a closer look.

Looking at the results from Duval County, McCollum performed stronger in both absentee and early voting and weakest on election day. Here are the percentages from the Duval County Supervisor of Elections website...


Scott - 51.17%
McCollum - 40.66%
McCalister - 8.15%

Early Voting

Scott - 49.01%
MCollum - 39.38%
McCalister - 11.60%

Election Day

Scott - 57.70%
McCollum - 35.25%
McCalister - 7.05%

The exact reverse of what you'd expect, since McCollum is declaring "election day victory" in his statement.  And a quick glance at Nassau results shows the same pattern as here in Duval, McCollum fared better among early and absentee voters and was swamped on election day.

Even in Miami Dade county, a stronghold for McCollum, he performed significantly better among absentee and early voters than he did on election day. The numbers show McCollum won 62% of early voters, 65% of absentee voters and only 57% on election day down there.

Another county to check is Hillsborough. The final tally there showed both main candidates in a virtual tie with McCollum beating Scott by less than 100 votes out of about 68,000 cast.

McCollum, not Rick Scott, won the early voting by 520. Scott won absentee by 132 and Scott won election day voting by 307 votes.

So where exactly are these numbers coming from that show McCollum winning the election day vote?

4 Responses »

  1. Thank goodness the Republicans were smart enough to leave him off the ticket.

  2. Shoddy analysis written by someone with an agenda. It takes more than just looking at three counties out of 67 to come up with a clear picture of the breakdown of election day vs. early and absentee voting.

    This site would have much more credibility if the writers would actually take the time to do their homework instead of cherry picking "facts" to support their pre-conceived opinions.

    Oh and that little thing about having two announced (but unelectable) candidates for local office as contributing writers should lead any reasonable and objective observer to conclude that this is not a serious venue for news.

  3. In further response to NEFL:

    This was not meant as a complete analysis. The burden of proof is on McCollum to back up his statement.

    Scott performed better on Election Day than he did in early voting in...

    Duval, Miami Dade, Orange, Nassau and Hillsborough counties. I appreciate your encouragement, I will continue to check them county-by-county, and might eventually do a more detailed follow-up story on this highly questionable claim from the McCollum camp.