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Scott, Jindal in Jacksonville Today

Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott, his running mate Jennifer Carroll and Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal will be in Jacksonville today.

The trio will be holding a rally at Craig Municipal Airport on Friday. Supporters are invited to come out and meet the candidate. The campaign asks everyone to wear red clothing to event as a symbolic guesture towards keeping Florida in the GOP column on election days.

The event is at Hangar 303 at Craig Airfield and will run from 5:00pm - 6:30pm.

In addition the big name guests, the campaign is promising "good music and an old-fashioned American good time!"

Jindal is widely considered a possible candidate for the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination. He has earned rave reviews surrounding his recent handling of the BP oil spill.

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  1. Well, don't this just knock down some of my respect for Jennifer Carroll and Bobby Jindal !Rats! Thought they were better than this!

    On the humor side: watched some pro Scott clown erect a four foot high 20-30 ft. wide, red, white and blue "RICK SCOTT" sign made of ribbons on a wire frame at the end of the runway along Atlantic Blvd. (A violation of city law posting campaign signs on public property.) Awful ignorant bunch for smart people, but I guess that figures if they support some guy who ripped off Medicare and claims ignorance.... (The sign is down now.)

    Old time "real Republican"here who wishes there were a third party candidate in this race.