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Think Local Media is Rough on the Jags? Check This Out…

If you thought local media has been harsh in their reporting on the Jaguars' 25-point loss at home to Michael Vick and the Eagles, and their embarrassingly bad trip to California last week, it's nothing compared to the beating the team is taking in national coverage.

Philadelphia Inquirer sports columnist Phil Sheridan talks about the Eagles crushing the Jaguars on Sunday:

The Jags are wretched, a fact that makes it difficult to get a handle on how good the Eagles defense might be.  If the Eagles made beating David Garrard and the Jags look easy, it may simply be because it was easy.

The Associated Press was pretty rough too:

Jacksonville fans headed to the exits early in the fourth quarter, with their team trailing by 25 points and having seen enough of David Garrard. 

Garrard, benched last week after throwing four interceptions against the Chargers, was even worse against Philadelphia. Yes, worse. Although Garrard threw just one interception, he tossed up at least four more balls that could have been picked.

ESPN's Matt Mosley...

The Eagles did exactly what you have to do with an awful team: They removed all hope with a late touchdown in the first half and then stepped on the Jags' throats in the second half.


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