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Crist: Rubio RPOF Expenses ‘Shameless’

In a take-off on the "Priceless" series of MasterCard commercials, today the Charlie Crist for U.S. Senate campaign launched a blistering new web ad called "Shameless" - highlighting some of the reported misuse of Republican Party of Florida credit cards by Marco Rubio.

Crist's campaign seems increasingly desperate to land a punch on Rubio, as the GOP nominee has moved into a comfortable lead in most polls. With time running out, and his fundraising limited by his Independent affiliation, the Crist campaign is clearly turning toward more affordable media avenues to get their message out.

The following is the Crist web video, followed by the ad's script...

SCRIPT – “Shameless.”

NARRATOR: Groceries for the Rubio home – 199 dollars.

Rubio’s personal minivan repairs – 1,000 dollars.

Home floor remodeling – 4,000 dollars.

Another corrupt politician pretending to be what Florida needs – shameless.

There are some things Rubio can afford to buy, for everything else there’s the Republican Party credit card.

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  1. You are talking about two Republicans here. Although Crist has gone independent he is still a Republican. Meeks, Rubio, and Crist are still part of the old party political lines. Why are they so afraid to debate any of the independent candidates? I was a Republican most of my life but left the party when America voted Bush into office. I voted change as a new Democrate and soon learn that O'Bush was not different then his predecessor. If a person runs for office they should be allowed to participate in a public debate unless this really isn't a free democracy. The big parties put America in this economic crisis and have not real plans for fixing it. We seem to get deeper everyday.