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Holloway Responds to Surprise Endorsement

Pictured: Nassau Commissioners Barry Holloway and Stacy Johnson

Nassau County Commissioner Barry Holloway, who is being challenged for re-election by Independent candidate George Spicer, issued the following statement at a Friday news conference in downtown Fernandina Beach. To the surprise of many, the challenger won the endorsement of commissioner-elect Steve Kelley, a Republican.


Remarks by Commissioner Barry Holloway:

The surprise announcement by Commissioner-elect Steve Kelley is a shock and disappointment. Republicans in Nassau County have reduced taxes, improved our financial rating to A plus and have reduced spending. Nassau County continues to have low taxes, great schools and this is a result of good Republican principles. While other counties have increased taxes on citizens, Nassau County has done the opposite.

Commissioner-elect Steve Kelley never sat down to discuss with me his views nor to ask me where I stood on the issues. As a fellow Republican I had hoped for the opportunity to meet with Kelley and explore how we could work together. I still hope to earn Commissioner-elect Kelley’s support and hope he will join other Republicans in endorsing my campaign.

We have all seen how people seeking office have “gamed the rules” to serve their own interests, the recent decision by Governor Charlie Crist to leave his party when he was faced with certain defeat is not the example we should leave to our children. My opponent left the Republican Primary at the last minute to run as an Independent because he thought this would serve him better.

My opponent, by his own admission, in his Chamber of Commerce candidate questionnaire, has not reviewed the county budget. Mr. Spicer does not attend the County Commission meetings on a regular basis. If he is unprepared, and uninformed as a candidate, then how could we honestly expect him to be any more prepared as a commissioner?

This election is about who has the right experience and the right plan to create jobs. With over 10% unemployment we need to work together to create the jobs to ensure the success of small business owners and get people back to work. I am committed to creating a small business incubator in Nassau County to help people realize the second half of the American Dream – small business ownership.

I have created a FRONT PORCH COALITION to ensure that people have a voice and that their government is listening to them. We must ensure that everyone understands that it is the working families and taxpayers who are the BOSS and I will work to ensure that their voice is heard.

My plan to MOVE FORWARD will help improve small businesses, lower property taxes and reduce county spending. While Nassau County leads the region in reducing the size of government we must work hard to do more, and I pledge to do just that.

Elections are important. The decisions we make today will have consequences for the next generation.. Nassau County leads the region as a low tax community if I am honored with the chance to serve I will be committed to creating jobs and getting people back to work.

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