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Iranian-born Candidate Launches Controversial Radio Ad

Iranian-born economist Farid Khavari is launching a last minute radio campaign to attempt to separate himself from the pack of minor party and independent candidates for governor.  In a new ad which began airing on several Jacksonville stations this week, and is scheduled to expand to other Florida markets for the final week of the campaign, Khavari directly tackles his heritage.

“When people hear a name that sounds Middle Eastern, be it Arab or Persian, it’s natural for them to entertain certain thoughts,” says Khavari, 67, of Miami. “Is he an Islamist? Is he a Ba’athist? How could he really be an American? So I decided to go there, and once you’re there you might as well use one point to make another.”

In the ad, two voices have a discussion about who they're planning to vote for.  One says she is voting for Khavari and is met with:  "Far-eed?  Sounds like a terrorist."

Not leaving the use of the word terrorist there, the woman later goes on to describe both Alex Sink and Rick Scott as "economic terrorists" who are unfit to govern.

Khavari, the author of nine books, is the only candidate for governor other than Alex Sink and Rick Scott who is broadcasting ads at this time.  The candidate, as the ad points out, has lived in America for more than 30 years. His father, a leader in the persecuted Baha’i faith, was murdered by the Khomeini regime in 1980 for refusing to renounce his religion.  The Islamic regime then confiscated his family’s home and properties in Iran.

The centerpiece of Khavari's campaign is the creation of a state bank.

“The worldwide banking collapse should be a wake-up call for Florida,” he says. “We can no longer afford to entrust home ownership, education and business formation to an industry premised on parasitism, fly-by-night profit-taking and a bailout-seeking ethos. The people need to own the financial institutions they depend on.”

The 60-second ad is embedded below as a YouTube video...

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  1. My vote was cast early and it was for Khavari/Richardson. Aren't you tired of the same old thing that never works? Why not try something new. I voted for change and instead got another administration similar to that of Bush. Now is the time to break away from the norm and give someone not tied to party lines a chance. Florida needs fixing. Alex Sink (Bank of America) was part of the banking industry that helped create our economic problems. And for the Republican candidate you are looking at a party liner that favors big business. Khavari is not a professional politician and has some fresh ideas. Tell me why the other two parties are afraid to debate this ticket? Aren't you tired of listening to campaign ads badmouthing the other candidate? I am. So give this ticket a listen and vote real change in Florida.

  2. What IS this guys religion? I know some bahais in my town and they don't do politics.