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Shannon Miller Foundation Bids for Pepsi Prize

Jacksonville's own Shannon Miller is in the running for a $25,000 prize from the Pepsi Refresh Project.  Miller, a 2-time Olympic Gold medalist and America's most decorated gymnast of all-time, founded her Shannon Miller Foundation  in 2007 to share her passion for health and fitness with others.

As a response to the epidemic of childhood obesity, the Shannon Miller Foundation is working to increase physical activity for America's youth through the Shannon Miller Running Club.

The Running Club is a program that will be used in public and private schools and other organizations that serve children. Children spend 30 minutes or more at least twice a week, running, skipping and, walking.   At various milestones (5 miles, 10 miles, etc.) they earn a chain for their backpack and colorful tokens to wear on it.

In addition to the token incentives, the children earn praise, self-confidence, and an increased level of fitness.

According to the group's website:  "Last spring, the pilot program served 500 children who ran over 10,000 miles in a 10 week period. The result was leaner bodies, fresher minds, calmer spirits, and a love of being physically active. Many children realized their potential as leaders and athletes for the first time."

Individuals can vote each day in November to help support the Shannon Miller Foundation on the Pepsi Refresh website and via text message.  Hundreds of projects are in the running and the top 10 in each prize-class will win.  Currently, Miller's foundation is ranked at #16.

Find out more at ShannonMillerLifestyle.com.

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