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Florida TEA Party Urges Lemieux to Resign

The Florida TEA Party is calling for Republican U.S. Senator George Lemieux to resign immediately to "allow Marco Rubio to assume the seat as Florida's Junior United States Senator."

In 1981, US Senator Dick Stone resigned early to allow newly elected Senator Paula Hawkins to obtain an advantage by being installed before the other freshman Senators. Although there is no mandated difference in rights or power, Senate rules give more power to Senators with more seniority.

That includes preferential treatment in choosing committee assignments, selecting a desk in the Chamber and picking office space.

"With the current seniority system firmly in place, Lemieux's resignation would provide our new US Senator Rubio a huge advantage by surpassing the other twelve freshman US Senators that will take office when they are sworn in on Monday, January 3, 2010. The advantages under the seniority system would be huge and the sooner we have Marco Rubio voting instead of George Lemieux, the better off all Floridians will be," stated Peg Dunmire, Chairman of the Party.

One twist that makes it unlikely for Lemieux to actually step down is that Governor Charlie Crist would have to make the appointment of Rubio, something that seems unlikely at best.

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  1. Who cares what Peg Dunmire wants? Accepting the chairmanship of the unscrupulous Florida TEA Party was the final nail in her political coffin. As an unprincipled leader of an unprincipled organization that had to steal its' name from a true conservative movement and whose founders, a convicted criminal and a tax cheats, Dunmire has no credibility to demand anything.

    • Appointing Rubio now, after Lemieux's resignation would be best for TAXPAYERS OF FLORIDA. Its the seniority issue. Sometimes its disgusting to know traitors, as well as socialists not only benefit from our REPUBLICAN form of government, but with this example, use it against the good and welfare of the TAXPAYERS in their state; their political agenda more important. “Cutting one’s nose off to spite one's already ugly face”.

    • "Who cares what Peg Dunmire wants"


  2. I disagree with this postion. Senator Lemieux was chosen to replace Martinez to become an excellent representative of the conservative values of Floridians. He's earned enough respect to stay in place for the remainder of his term- then possibly run against Bill Nelson and win.

    Furthermore, as an ardent supporter of the Tea Party movement I would encourage them to continue to stand for conservative principles, rather than become involved in the political posturing that is the responsibility of the autonomous political parties.

    The strength of the movement is that it's a free agent, not a part of the process.