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Uncontested: Five Posts Have Only One Candidate

With campaign qualifying coming up in less than 2 weeks, five offices in Duval County have only candidate in the running.

At-Large Councilman Stephen Joost and Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland, both Republicans, have yet to draw any opposition to their re-election bids.

In district council races, Councilmembers Warren Jones, Denise Lee and Reggie Brown are the only candidates in their races. All three are Democrats in heavily African-American districts.

A sixth race might be added to the list, as Democrat Kurt Kraft has not reported raising any funds for his bid to unseat Property Appraiser Jim Overton. Either someone else will have to get into that contest, or else Kraft will have to come up with a nearly $9,000 qualifying fee by mid-month. Otherwise, the race won't appear on the ballot and Overton will be automatically re-elected. 

Overton, who first ran in 2003, was re-elected with no opposition in 2007. Also that year, 7 of the city council's 19 members were elected or re-elected without anyone running against them.

The deadline for candidates to qualify by collecting petitions has now passed. It will cost anyone who wishes to appear on the ballot a fee equal to 6% of the salary of the office. (The fee is 4% for non-partisan candidates.)

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