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What are the Odds the Jaguars Make the Playoffs?

Cool Standings, a website which gives the statistical odds of various teams making the playoffs, has put Jacksonville at a 15.5% chance of winning the AFC South division, which is the team's only path into the post-season.

To make this happen, the Jaguars must beat the Houston Texans and the Colts must lose to the Titans. Anything else -- even if both the Jags and the Colts win -- will send Peyton Manning into the playoffs and the Jaguars back to watch the rest of the season from the couch.

According to the website, the playoff picture is pretty much set in the rest of the NFL - with only a few questions remaining to be answered.

Here's the breakdown:

WHO'S IN: New England and Kansas City have locked their division title wins in the AFC, while Chicago and Philadelphia have both sealed their NFC titles.

The NY Jets have secured a Wild Card spot and Pittsburgh and Baltimore are both going into the post-season for certain - one as division champ and the other in the final wild card slot.

Likewise, Atlanta and New Orleans have both sealed a post-season spot. Most likely, Atlanta will win the NFC South and New Orleans will go as a Wild Card - but that could flip.

THE DOGFIGHT: Seattle is slightly favored over St. Louis (55-45%) to win the NFC West.

HOLDING OUT HOPE: As noted earlier, the Jags have a 15.5% chance of knocking off the Colts to win the AFC South.

The only other questionmark in the league is an NFC Wild Card slot.

Green Bay is in the driver's seat, with a 70.1% chance of claiming it. The Giants have a 24.3% shot (they'll need big help) and the Tampa Bay Bucsare holding a very slim (5.6%) chance, despite having gone 9-6, the same record shared by the Giants and Packers.

WHO'S OUT: Miami, Buffalo, Cleveland, Cincinnati, the Titans, the Texans, Oakland, San Diego, Denver, the Redskins, the Cowboys, the Vikings, the Lions, Carolina, San Francisco and Arizona... all are done with their season after this week.

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