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Fed Up Fans Call for Del Rio to be Fired

Fans who are looking for a change at the head coaching position next year have launched a website to petititon Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver to fire Jack Del Rio. 

Del Rio was scheduled to have a press conference today, but it was postponed as Weaver called the head coach in for a meeting. 

The website, which launched earlier this afternoon, has a petition calling on Weaver to give Del Rio the boot.  So far, only about 20 people have signed on, though the stated goal is 10,000 fans.

Click here to visit DumpDelRio.com.

The group also has setup a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

UPDATE: Fox Sports is reporting that Jack Del Rio will not be fired.  He and his coaching staff have been told that their jobs are safe for one more year.  Weaver will speak to the media today at 5:30pm and Del Rio will hold his own press conference tomorrow morning.

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