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Ballot is Set for March Elections

Voters who've joked about having too many choices when it comes to Jacksonville's mayoral race may now regret those words.  Most observers of local politics understood that at least half the names who have filed were non-serious and wouldn't pay the fee or gather enough signatures to get on the ballot.  But in the last few months we lost a handful of serious candidates as well.  Kevin Hyde was the first to drop. Then it was Jim Bailey and City Councilwoman Glorious Johnson.

With qualifying now over, the field has shrunken down to 6 candidates, with only 4 who have a realistic shot of winning.  And some might argue that the number is even lower - 3 or 2 candidates who will be seriously in contention come March.

Six incumbents were automatically re-elected when no one bothered to qualify to run against them -- Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland, plus Councilmembers Don Redman, Denise Lee, Warren Jones, Reggie Brown and Stephen Joost.  Redman and Joost are the most surprising, but for different reasons.  During his first term in office, Don Redman found himself at the center of several controversies -- mostly relating to his own questionably worded comments.  Joost, a far less controversial councilman, has now secured a second term on the council without EVER appearing on the ballot.  First winning the seat in 2007 without opposition, every candidate who had stepped up to run against Joost decided to back off.

Here's how the ballot currently stands...

Jacksonville Mayor
Alvin Brown (DEM)
Mike Hogan (REP)
Steve Irvine (NPA)
Warren Lee (DEM)
Audrey Moran (REP)
Rick Mullaney (REP)

Duval County Sheriff
Soren G. Brockdorf (NPA)
Ken Jefferson (DEM)
John H. Rutherford (REP-i)

Duval Property Appraiser
Kurt Kraft (DEM)
Jim Overton (REP-i)

Duval Tax Collector
Michael Corrigan (REP)
Dick Kravitz (REP)
Ryan Taylor (REP)

Supervisor of Elections
Jerry Holland (REP-i)

City Council, District 1
Lindsey Brock (REP) 
 Darryl Fleming (DEM)
Clay Yarborough (REP-i)

City Council, District 2
Bill Bishop (REP-i)
Stephen Heckel (REP)

City Council, District 3
Richard Clark (REP-i)
Mario V. Rubio (REP)

City Council, District 4
Don Redman (REP-i)

City Council, District 5
Lori N. Boyer (REP)
Jack Daniels (REP) 
Steve Hyers (REP)
Robert "Fritz" VanVolkenburgh (REP)

City Council, District 6
Matt Schellenberg (REP)
Jack Webb (REP-i)
Greg Youngblood (REP)

City Council, District 7
Johnny A. Gaffney (DEM-i) 
Marc A. McCullough, Sr. (DEM)

City Council, District 8
E. Denise Lee (DEM-i)

City Council, District 9
Warren A. Jones (DEM-i)

City Council, District 10
Reginald L. Brown (DEM-i)

City Council, Distrcit 11
Tom Baine (REP) 
Ray Holt (REP-i) 
Doug Moore (REP)

City Council, District 12
Joe Andrews (REP)
Doyle Carter (REP)
Jim Davis (REP)

City Council, District 13
Danny Becton (REP)
William "Bill" Gulliford (REP)
Dave Smith (DEM)
Vanessa Williams (REP)

City Council, District 14
Kendall Bryan (REP)
Jill Dame (REP)
Shelton Hull (NPA) 
Jim Love (REP) 
Henry H. Mooneyhan (REP)
Greg "Hollea" Rachal (REP)

City Council, At-Large Group 1
Steve Burnett (NPA)
Kimberly Daniels (DEM)
David A. Taylor (REP)

City Council, At-Large Group 2
John R. Crescimbeni (DEM-i) 
Paul Martinez (REP)
Tom Patton (REP)
Vince Serrano (REP)

City Council, At-Large Group 3
Stephen C. Joost (REP-i)

City Council, At-Large Group 4
Greg Anderson (REP)
Juan M. Diaz (REP)
Jim Robinson (REP)

City Council, At-Large Group 5
Fred J. Engness (REP)
Donald R. Foy (NPA)
Sean Hall (REP)
Robin Lumb (REP)
Robin Rukab (REP)
Michelle Tappouni (REP)

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  1. It's no accident that a city with more Democrats registered to vote than Republicans has a Republican majority in the City Council. Jacksonville wants conservative principles to be the guide for their city. They feel betrayed (76%) by a Leadership Team that see's themselves with an "itty bitty R" behind their names. Voting (R) was no small deal to these voters: they voted (R) and got a (d). Enough is enough!