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Ad Watch: Mullaney Launches First Television Spot

Republican Mayoral candidate Rick Mullaney revealed his first 30-second television spot today.

It's an introductory piece aimed at showing voters that Mullaney is just a regular guy who comes from humble roots.   He stands in front of the house he grew up in on the Westside (though it almost looks like a green screen at times) and is shown with his family by the river.  As far as policy content, there's very little.  Mullaney mentions the tough economy and ends by saying that we have to make "real cuts" to the city's budget.

I suspect this is an attempt to undo some of the damage from the "$2 million man" article that put Mullaney's face on the front of this week's edition of Folio Weekly.   The alternative newspaper took harsh aim at Mullaney's fiscally conservative rhetoric in light of his own very rich pension from his time as the city's top lawyer.

Here's the Folio article

Here's the 30-second spot...

2 Responses »

  1. When Folio does a hit piece on someone; it's an indication I might want to support that issue. Not always, but often.

    Since the Folio is the faux underground revolutionary rag in Jacksonville; most conservatives read it with a grain of salt- if they bother to read it at all.

  2. Perhaps Mullaney will make good on his promise to make "real changes" to the City spending.

    He can start by stating that he will forfeit his City pension and only take the State pension.

    If he does that, then I might consider voting for him.