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Endorsement: Robin Lumb for City Council, Group 5

In the race for Group 5, Robin Lumb represents the best prepared and most qualified candidate running in a relatively strong field.

Lumb is a fiscal conservative and a small business owner with an extremely impressive understanding of the issues important to Jacksonville voters.   He promises to apply strict budget discipline with spending priorities that focus on essential services and basic needs like police, fire, roads, parks and libraries.   The next four years will offer the council many challenges, particularly when it comes to pension reform. Lumb has pledged to make meaningful changes to the city’s pension system that will reduce costs and ensure solvency.

Lumb earned a 100% rating from the Concerned Taxpayers of Duval County and currently serves as the Vice-Chairman of the Duval County Republican Party.

With so many candidates in the mix, it will be almost impossible for any one to win the 50% needed to avoid a May run-off.

The other leading candidates in this race are Republicans Sean Hall and Michelle Tappouni.

Hall has ties to the Peyton administration, and we mean that literally.  His wife is Kerri Stewart, the mayor's Chief Administrative Officer.

Tappouni has shown great energy in her first bid for office and enjoys the support of the Realtors, Builders and Firefighters.  In fact, we believe that an ideal run-off would feature both Lumb and Tappouni.

Republican Robin Rukab touts the endorsement of former mayor Jake Godbold.  That fact alone should give you serious pause about her candidacy.

Conservative Republican Fred Engness is also running, but has failed to raise a significant amount of money to support his bid.

Donald Foy, the head of MADDADS, is the wild card in the race.  He's running with No Party Affiliation.

The Florida Times-Union, in a rare moment of clarity, actually got this race right when they endorsed Lumb.  Stating: "A lot of candidates spout cliches and speak in generalities. It's rare to see anyone put so much thought into policy issues."

We agree and are proud to endorse Robin Lumb as the superior choice for City Council, Group 5.

For a sample of Robin's writing, check out the archive of opinion columns he has contributed to the Jacksonville Observer over the past year.

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