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OUR POLL: Rutherford, Overton Look Safe

Earlier today we released the first results from the Dixie Strategies-Jacksonville Observer poll, taken on Thursday and Friday of this week.

Click here to see initial numbers from the Mayoral, Tax Collector and City Council races.

In addition to those contests, we also polled the race for Sheriff and Property Appraiser.


Incumbent John Rutherford looks very strong in his bid for a third term in office. Rutherford gets the support of nearly 81% of Republicans and 60% of overall voters.

Rutherford more than doubles-up on the support of Democrat Ken Jefferson, who is polling at 29%. Independent Soren Brockdorf, who has done little campaigning, has 4.5% in our survey.

Only 6% are undecided in this race, in line with the mayoral contest.


Jim Overton is also a lock for re-election as Property Appraiser. The Republican incumbent outpolls his Democratic challenger by 56% to 29% in the Dixie Strategies-Jacksonville Observer poll.

Around 14% of voters have yet to make up their minds.


For more complete results in all races, broken down by candidates and party registration, click here. We will be releasing the rest of the data provided by Dixie Strategies on Monday, including breakdowns by gender and intensity of political orientation.

NOTE TO MEDIA OUTLETS: Feel free to share and report any numbers from this survey, but it must be referred to as the "Dixie Strategies-Jacksonville Observer Poll" in all coverage.

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