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This Saturday: Team Hope Walk for Huntington’s Disease

The North Florida affiliate of the Huntington's Disease Society of America will be holding a Team Hope Walk for Huntington's Disease this Saturday afternoon at the Jacksonville Landing.  

Registration for the event is at 1:00pm at the Jacksonville Landing and the walk begins at 2:00pm.


CALL: Laurie Moore 904-891-5634
or Tina Hellum 904-629-4448

EMAIL: hdsa_nfl@yahoo.com

Huntington's Disease (or HD) is a neurodegenerative genetic disorder that affects muscle coordination and leads to cognitive decline and dementia. It typically becomes noticeable in middle age. HD is the most common genetic cause of abnormal involuntary writhing movements.

Life expectancy for patients with HD is generally around 20 years following the onset of visible symptoms. Most of the complications that are life-threatening result from muscle coordination issues, or to a lesser extent from behavioural changes resulting from the decline in cognitive function. The largest risk is pneumonia, which is the cause of death of one-third of those with HD. As the ability to synchronise movements deteriorates, difficulty clearing the lungs and an increased risk of aspirating food or drink both increase the risk of contracting pneumonia.

The second greatest risk is heart disease, which causes almost a quarter of fatalities of those with HD. Suicide is the next greatest cause of fatalities, with 7.3% of those with HD taking their own lives and up to 27% attempting to do so.

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