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Democrat Diane Melendez: ‘Why I Support Mike Hogan’

Guest editorial by Diane Melendez

While on Facebook a few days back, the live messaging box popped up on my computer screen, it was Austin Cassidy. I clicked on the link and saw the short query he had sent to me. It made me smile. "Diane, you and I don't always agree about politics, but I just saw the message you posted on Lenny Curry's facebook page," he wrote. "I was wondering if you would write a small piece for the Jacksonville Observer?"

My answer was that it would be a pleasure to share my thoughts about Mr. Hogan.

Here is what I wrote on Lenny's page: I am supporting Mike Hogan as is my entire family because he is the best choice for Jacksonville at this difficult juncture in our history. He has the experience and understanding to get us past the current financial mess and build a strong foundation for the city to grow on. In my heart of hearts I know Mike is the best qualified most experienced candidate.

Diane Melendez, a lifelong, card carrying Democrat who registered at the age of 18 and has voted Democrat for 4 decades will be voting for Republican Mike Hogan in the unitary election in May. My reasons are simple and straight forward. Mike Hogan understands the serious economic crisis our city, state and country is now facing. He is experienced and qualified. He has taken a hard and realistic look at the state of our local economy and understands that Jacksonville does not have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. His assessment is spot on.

Now is not the time to grow government. Nor is it the time for the wild and grand visionings of candidate Alvin Brown, a man who is painfully underqualified for the office of Mayor. Brown comes to the voters with no real understanding of how our local government functions. He instead offers superficial soudbites and energetic buzz phrases. He is the product of a bloated Federal HUD program under former President Bill Clinton nearly a decade and a half ago. That has been his entire claim to fame for most of his campaign. The overworked rhetoric and Clinton/Gore name dropping he began with has overtime expanded to include soundbites from other candidates platforms. He now drops the names of Audrey Moran and Peter Rummell while unabashedly adopting Moran's grow the government platform to include another DDA, an education Czar and imagined downtown all on the taxpayers dime. Jacksonville simply cannot accept the rhetoric and empty promises of Alvin Brown in place of the real experience, qualifications and sound plan to cut our spending that Mike Hogan brings to the table.

I will be voting Mike Hogan for Mayor of Jacksonville and I hope that everyone who reads this will do the same...

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  1. This is an extraordinarily superficial piece. It appears to be nothing more than positive feelings for Hogan and negative feelings for Brown. No analysis, no substance. It suffers the same weaknesses it accuses Brown's campaign to consist of.

    The writer is for Hogan because:

    He has "experience and understanding"
    He "understands the serious economic crisis" in JAX
    He has "taken a hard and realistic look" at the JAX economy

    The writer is against Brown because:

    He is "painfully underqualified"
    He "offers superficial soundbites and energetic buzz phrases"
    He "is the product of a bloated...HUD program"
    He drops names
    He offers "rhetoric and empty promises"

    But no examples are offered, no argument of what is good or bad and why, just superficial soundbites and energetic buzz phrases.

  2. I am a Republican who will vote for Mike Hogan. I believe that he has the experience and background to be the best candidate for mayor. . He has resided and worked here in Jacksonville for many years. This gives him a good insight in regards to the political and social issues here.
    Mr. Brown appears to have spent most of his adult working life outside this area. I further resent outsiders such as Bill Clinton injecting himself in a local Mayoral campaign. It is my understanding that Mr. Brown has "imported" many campaign workers from outside this area. One political blog has stated that his campaign plans to have buses parked at local churches on Sunday to take people to vote. If this is true it is unethical as well as a violation of "church and state". This is reason enough to disqualify such churches for their 510c3 tax exemption be a violation