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The Observer’s New Direction

You may have noticed that the Jacksonville Observer's website has a significant new look.

That's because we have, for now, suspended publication of our monthly print magazine.

In addition, we are dropping all syndicated and national content from the Observer website in the future.  The new site is now 100% locally-focused, locally-written and exclusively concerned with Jacksonville politics, our community and the media.

This is a transition that we are excited about and we hope you, our loyal readers, will understand the reasons behind this move.  In the end, we feel that our narrower focus and lower overhead will allow the Observer to produce a higher quality, more meaningful product.

Thank you.

4 Responses »

  1. I think you have made the right move. I think Jacksonville needs a good local news source. I look forward to reading your stories.

  2. Best of luck! The Jacksonville Observer has, more than several times, provided information and insight not available elsewhere.

  3. This is great. A local fox news to show one sided stories and spread hate and discontent locally. I thought I would never see the day. Good luck I hope it works.

  4. I really enjoyed the radio show (too bad it's gone now - WBOB never did answer my query about this) and now have a link on my home page to this site. Thanks very much.