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16 Year Old, Mark Ochkie Jr Killed in Motorcycle Accident

Teenager Killed in Motorcycle Accident

A teenager was killed in a motorcycle accident on Sunday in St. Augustine around 4:40 p.m.

The accident happened on Woodlawn Road in the Heritage Park subdivision, said Florida Highway Patrol troopers.

Florida Highway Patrol troopers stated that 16-year old Mark Ochkie Jr. was headed northbound on Hefferon Drive, in the Heritage Park neighborhood near Woodlawn Road, when he was rounding a curve before he hit a curb, went off into the median, and hit a palm tree.

He was celebrating his friend's birthday party at his house a few blocks back from the Heritage Park subdivision. Ochkie left to go back to his job to pick something up that he left there. He was riding his 2010 Kawsaki Ninja motorcycle back to his friends house to celebrate his birthday by going out to dinner when the motorcycle accident happened.

The 16-year old, Mark Ochkie Jr. was taken to Flagler General, where he was pronounced dead from his injuries.

There were no other vehicles involved in the crash and FHP say he was wearing a helmet.

According to the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office, Ochkie's father is a deputy.

Toxicology reports have been requested to determine if alcohol played a part in the late afternoon crash.

Carsen Willey, Mark Ochkie Jr's. best friend told reporters, "He came over to my house pretty much every day. He gave me rides to school every day this past year. He was super easy to get along with, like, everybody loved him. He was one of the funniest people I've ever met."

Comments have been fired up on the News4Jax Facebook by the parents allowing the 16-year old boy to have a motorcycle. One comment left by Scotty Boyforever says, "Why would anyone buy a 16 year old a sportbike? I know all motorcycles can be dangerous in the wrong hands, but why give them such temptation with a sportbike? I remember what I was like at 16, and I sure didn't need that type of bike...so sad for his family and friends."

Carol Prettyman Rost responded that she is Mark's Aunt and answered why the parents allowed him to have that motorcycle. "Mark is my nephew and he saved his money from a job he had and he bought the bike with his own money. He was told always to wear a helmet and he was only allowed to ride when he was with someone. He was always told to be careful. He was a responsible boy who had a tragic accident."

Tragic accident indeed. Our thoughts go out to the Ochkie family.

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  1. Markie , I am so sad you had to leave , why ? why this early , no one will ever kno but ur in a better place ,

    I Love you Bhoo !