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Fiber Health Benefits Touted By Jacksonville Entrepreneur

If you could get fiber in an easier way and doctors could prescribe it as a pill people would probably be taking massive amounts of it. Most people are not getting enough fiber in their daily diet. Health.com reports that men should have 35 to 40 grams of fiber a day and women should have about 25 grams. Most adults and children alike only consume around 50% of the recommended fiber intake by health institutions.

Full Core Fiber SodaHealth benefits of fiber can range from prevention of colon cancer, cholesterol reduction and blood sugar lowering for all individuals that consume it. Other benefits mentioned by PubMed.gov are things like lower risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, obesity and certain gastrointestinal diseases. In people that have been classified as obese consumption of fiber has enhances their weight loss. If you aren't consuming fiber on a daily basis you are probably missing out on some cheap and easy health benefits.

A business entrepreneur in Jacksonville, Florida has come up with a solution that he thinks can solve the problem for the masses. One thing that many people that are unhealthy or obese love is sugary drinks like Coca-Cola & Pepsi. Peter Hayes told Jacksonville.com that, “Everybody drinks soda. To my absolute surprise, there was no soda with fiber.”

You can probably guess what happened next! Mr. Hayes started working on a product he could sell that fit the definition and taste of a soda but included fiber in the product. Sales & marketing are not foreign territory to Mr. Hayes as he used to sell real estate and insurance to people in the Jacksonville, FL area. Now it's time to hit the pavement and start selling people on an easy way to get fiber in their diet.

The new product that Peter Hayes has presented to the public is called Full Core. According the company website, "Every 12 oz can of Full Core has 40% of the Daily Value of Fiber (10 grams) in a simple, great tasting ready to serve drink." In addition to giving you the fiber you're missing out in your diet the Full Core lemon lime soda product gives you 20% of your essential vitamins & 10% of your daily calcium requirement.

While Mr. Hayes is ready to take Full Core to the next level and get it distributed to a retail store near you, there is a big hurdle. It seems that the fiber healthy drink is essentially a new food category product which other drinks like Gatorade and Red Bull have faced in the past. Currently in Jacksonville Florida you can get Full Core in , "more than a dozen Jacksonville locations, mostly from gyms and health and natural food stores including Outtakes, a store in the University of North Florida’s student union" as stated in Jacksonville.com.

We took a look around at the website and noticed that you can also purchase Full Core and have it shipped directly to your home. Right now it seems you can get an introductory offer at their Full Core Store and get Free Shipping on all your orders. If you think you need to lose weight or change the direction of your health it seems this Jacksonville, Florida entrepreneurs dream just may be your answer. Welcome to your new soda replacement, Full Core.

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