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Winning Powerball Numbers For $550 Million Lottery Are 5 23 16 22 29 PB 06

Winning Powerball Numbers November 28th, 2012

The Powerball drawing has came and gone which was held at the scheduled time of 11:59pm EST. For records to go down in history, this was the largest Powerball drawing ever on record. If you're wondering why this Powerball drawing got so big, it's simply due to the price hike.

Back in 2011 Lottery official believed that if they raised the price of the Powerball ticket from $1 to $2 that they could increase sales and interest in the jackpots. That bet has paid out and people have lined up in droves to have their chance at the second biggest lottery jackpot in history. The first and biggest lottery in United States history is the Mega Millions lottery jackpot that was won at $656 million which was drawn in March 2012.

If the 11/28/12 Powerball Drawing is not won tonight it will inevitably push the Powerball Jackpot as the largest to be won in history ever. Powerball officials said that at this point with so many buying tickets the chance of a person choosing the winning numbers is 75% likely. That leaves the United States with a 25% probability that the biggest lottery jackpot in history is on it's way.

November 28th, 2012 Winning Powerball Numbers Are:
5 23 16 22 29 PB 06

No matter what happens with winning Powerball numbers tonight, one thing is almost for sure, the total Jackpot of $550 million is expected to raise as people lined up in places like Nevada from neighbor California for hours and hours just to buy a ticket. Some people were shown buying hundreds of dollars in tickets. Your odds from buying one ticket in the Powerball drawing are 1 in 175 million now that the new price increase has rolled out.

If you happen to be one of the winners tonight many people have warnings from past big wins. Top tips if you're the winner of the Powerball are to put the ticket in a safety deposit box, call a financial advisor and take a couple weeks to work things out without announcing it. Everyone has a plan what they want to do if they win the Powerball but safety is one of the top things to worry about. Leave us a comment if you are holding any variation of the winning numbers, we'd love to tell everyone about your luck.

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