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Psy Anti-American Lyrics Prompt Apology From Gangnam Style Rockstar

Psy Anti-American LyricsAs the South Korean rockstar Psy, rocketed to fame after his Gangham Style song and video took the world by storm, he has faced some major road bumps. Psy has been shown in YouTube videos & recordings singing Anti-American lyrics that many called an American "troop killing song."

The anger over Psy's Anti-American lyrics he sang grew so big that an online petition was started on WhiteHouse.gov asking that Psy be pulled from the Christmas in Washington concert with Diana Ross & Demi Lovato. President Obama is scheduled to attend the Christmas in Washington concert to be aired on TNT.

It was reported on Mashable however that the petition for, "U.S. President Barack Obama to rescind his Christmas in Washington invitation to "Gangnam Style" rapper Psy has been taken down from the White House's official petitions website "We the People."" The URL of the WhiteHouse.gov We The People petition site was titled, "Rescind Invite of Gangnam Style Rapper Psy from performing for President Obama at the Christmas Party over troop killing song." The anger seems to still be spreading as YouTube videos about the issue and social media keeps the fire of disgust burning.

Some popular tweets on Twitter about the Anti-American PSY performance we found are as follow:

@VibeMagazine: Will you still "Gangnam Style" after Psy's anti-American statements?

A search on Twitter for "Psy anti-American" is still quite active and full of a lot of reactions we can't really share here. It's probably worth a look if you think everyone will turn a blind eye to Psy's anti-American views.

CNN claims that an iReporter was the first person to bring it to their attention of Psy's racial hatred towards Americans. The information came out on October 6th, 2012 when a translation was done of the lyrics of Psy's performance where it was stated from ausjeon that, "Psy insulted American soldiers to an unbearable degree and talked about murdering all their families in his song." Mediatite seems to be the publication that spurred interest this time around the Psy racial lyrics. Mediatite was sourcing a mention of the discussion and translation from Chosun.com that called the situation, "Psy of Gangnam Style is the worst anti-Americanist and opportunist."

It's been reported that the performance of "Dear America" was done in 2002 or 2004. The concert was against the presence of around 37,000 US Troops in South Korea. The performance was said to be a direct reaction from two South Korean schoolgirls being run over by an American tank and then being acquitted by a U.S. Military court. The exact lyrics that most people are upset about are:

“Kill those f–ing Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives.”
“Kill those f–ing Yankees who ordered them to torture.”
“Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers.”
“Kill them all slowly and painfully.”

Media outlets started reporting the Psy lyrics and people started to question performances Psy was scheduled for around America. One performance in Tampa Florida at the University Mall was centered around local US veterans reactions to the anti-American star performing in their town. The Tampa Tribune interviewed Army Sgt. Joel Tavera who was wounded in Iraq who said, "He is a very sick man and so twisted, how things could be twisted like that? But I'll pray for him and his situation." Another American Vet, Mike Jernigan, a Marine Lance Cpl. who was blinded in Iraq told the Tampa Tribune that, "There would be no Gangnam Style if Americans were not wiling to lay their lives down in Korea, flat out."

An apology was released by Psy to try and soften some of the reactions surrounding the past performance. The Psy apology was released on December 7th, 2012 and said:

"As a proud South Korean who was educated in the United States and lived there for a very significant part of my life, I understand the sacrifices American servicemen and women have made to protect freedom and democracy in my country and around the world. The song – from eight years ago – was part of a deeply emotional reaction to the war in Iraq and the killing of two innocent Korean civilians that was part of the overall antiwar sentiment shared by others around the world at that time. While I'm grateful for the freedom to express one's self I've learned there are limits to what language is appropriate and I'm deeply sorry for how these lyrics could be interpreted. I will forever be sorry for any pain I have caused anyone by those words.

I have been honored to perform in front of American soldiers in recent months – including an appearance on the Jay Leno show specifically for them – and I hope they and all Americans can accept my apology. While it's important we express our opinions, I deeply regret the inflammatory and inappropriate language I used to do so. In my music I try to give people a release, a reason to smile. I have learned that though music, our universal language we can all come together as a culture of humanity and I hope that you will accept my apology."

Now the world awaits to see if Psy's career in America will survive this blow to soldiers, their families and all Americans who are proud of their country. Will the #1 viewed Music Video on YouTube take the fall? Will Psy's music sales plummet now that he's been labeled Anti-American? Only time will tell at this point. One thing is certain, The Rolling Stone reported that TNT says, "Psy is performing at "Christmas in Washington" as planned where President Obama will watch his performance.

What do you think? Should America and Gangnam Style fans forgive Psy? Tell us in the comments.


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21 Responses »

  1. Looks like his 15 minutes of fame ended early.

  2. He's sorry for how the lyrics could be interpreted? Really, Psy, how can you misinterpret, "Kill those F-ing Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives. Kill those F-ing Yankees who ordered them to torture. Kill their dauthers, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers. Kill them all slowly and painfully"? I'm truly curious what he really meant, and how we're all just misinterpreting those words. This man is a miserable human being who is profiting on the same people he called upon death for. Anyone who continues to give this cretin any form of attention should be ashamed of themselves.

    • I think we should accept his apology. And then have some drones visit his neighborhood.

      "It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood, won't you be mine, won't you be my KBLAM"

    • You CAN'T misinterpret that, because it's ALREADY BEEN TRANSLATED. DERP.

      You should be ashamed of your critical thinking skills.

  3. No. He went to college in the USA from 1996-2000. He knew American culture and this concert happen 2 years later. We hosted this ungrateful person for four years. His behavior is an insult to all Americans and our service men who died to keep South Korea free. I currently live in South Korea and I come across many people who are kind and not anti-American, like this disgraceful person. His own people call him an opportunist..

    If he's allowed to perform and be honored at the White House, this will be a message to US Americans and specially our service men, that we have the wrong people leading our nation.

  4. People everywhere and anywhere will always say things they will later regret. This was over eight years ago. Opinions and feelings are forever changing, and everyone is entitled to there own. Free speech, and he had the balls to come out and say it, he expressed he's feeling....so what? How many of you have their own opinion and thoughts that you don't dare express? Are we all scared of what someone said eight years ago? Afraid of a little free speech are we? What are we communist?

    • Sure we withhold certain emotions and remarks from the public, however have you ever wished death unto someone regardless of whether they deserve it? If you have, well then you are no better than any killer. No matter how mad I have ever been at anyone I have never wished death upon anyone, specially innocent people, like mothers, daughters, etc. Bottom line thanks for the apology Psy, we can accept it but you do not deserve to make your living here, of the people who you condemned to death.

  5. You people do realize that most of the world hates America for a reason? I don't blame him at all for his lyrics, what do you expect? Sunshine and rainbows? Laughable at how many people think he rose to fame because of America. He was popular in Asia and Europe MONTHS prior to it making here in America.

    I'm an American Caucasian male and I understand why the world hates America (not the people, the military and government)

    Get over yourselves, he shouldn't have to apologize, Americans think they're owed something from the world. Like we did the world a favor with the Nazi's and USSR. GTFO, sometimes I really wonder if America did brainwash the kids in the school systems.


    • The problem here is not that he hates the US army or government (cuz really, who doesnt?).
      The problem here is that he wished them to be slowly killed and says he wants their children and families to die aswell, Im not from the US and I hate a lot of things from that country but thats no reason to desire the death of innocent kids and and families just for the people they know. If you really think he doesnt even has to apologize after that, then there is seriously something wrong with you...

    • he shouldn't apologize for wishing a slow and painful death on people? And your right never mind the fact that we prevented Hitler from eliminating an entire race of people, and the USSR from starting a nuclear war, that was really no big deal, nor the 10's of thousands of men and women lost through out those wars. I don't expect anything for any of this, but as an american, nay a HUMAN a little respect from my common man would be nice, and i don't think that's asking to much... Don't justify a man asking for death of any other man.

    • You need to get of your high horse, thinking you're so unique in understanding why many people hate USA. Why don't you tell me these reasons and pretend America never did anything for anyone.
      But its ok you can stay on that "We hate America" bandwagon. Everyone finds a reason to hate number 1, remember that if you ever become number one at anything.

  6. About Time. Gangnam style is only famous because of the dance not psy or the song itself and the lyric suck. It wasnt even famous in korea until american started liking it.

  7. We should forgive him then stick a bug up his ass and keep a close watch on him.

  8. I hope to god obama cancels his appearance.... you cant just say "oops my bad" after those lyrics and everything is cool.

  9. Any and Everything that makes us re-examine ourselves and understand 360 degree logic of every way to examine what seems a perfect situation- helps us !! We need to see the larger picture but rarely have the time to put it all together. This is a World Situation- The Whole World is used to examining America as it is show by Television-otherwise we Know Nothing but Canned News.
    If it hurts and you have never thought of it before- this might be the first new news you have really heard. This did not take anything away from me or consider this thinking as something I had not thought of many times before. Entertainment works from every angle that can give surprise and be innovative !! We now can see our selves- our government - our future ! We Need to Open Up to New Thinking- Always reexamine what is considered unconventional knowledge= grow- climb a step from the deep trench we take as comfortable life realities !!! Be an Artist- and you always look for what you've never known before.

  10. While it is appropriate to accept the appology for exactly what it was - incomplete, it is completely unnecessary and inappropriate and in bad taste for the President of the United States as commander in chief and protector of US life to be entertained by a person who publicly condoned the murder and torture of innocent American citizens. I'd have to wonder, what could a US President do that would be more inappropriate, how much more could a US President disgrace his office and his oath?

  11. I'm NOT surprised at all that PSY's Gagnam style not only took off like wildfire here in the U.S. but also Mocks the crap out of Americans. I bet it was really funny to see all these American Celebrities do the dance to a song that was directly mocking them. They're all sitting back watching their televisions "Look at those stupid Americans, dancing around like idiots! Don't they know that we HATE them? How humiliated will they be? HAHAHAHA!!!"
    Well, the truth is, WE DO have to stop Policing America. And NO I don't blame them for mocking a whole generation of ignorant fools who fall for the next catchy beat. You SHOULD be ashamed of yourselves and America for your war hungry entitlement. I hope the humiliation teaches you a lesson.

  12. Threatening the lives of innocent families and children is sick. He should not be forgiven. His apology didn't even seem legit to me. How the lyrics "could be interpreted"? Bulls**t.

  13. Freedom of speech is one thing. calling for the death of their fathers daughter-in-laws... is straight hate. I agree that he is an opportunist and at the time this was probably popular because of how we misrepresented ourselves (as Americans) in Iraq, but that doesn't mean you should call for slow painful death of our troops and their families. F*** this guy. Yea he was so popular in Asia and Europe (asia maybe, certainly not europe) but the american market is where you get paid. Send this clown back home, i think its shameful he is now going to perform in front of our president.